IKEA Is Getting More Innovative

We went Tampines IKEA in the evening to get some of the items we wanted to buy. We saw plenty of new toys in their children department. Finally this toy caught our attention!


YES! A kitchen set that really looks like a real kitchen. (It’s selling at S$129)

IKEA Tampines

Look how Yvette really enjoys playing them. I must really get her a set soon. (Not this, although we like this very much too. But really no space at home for this big toy anymore.) Most likely I will get her the set from ELC.


They even have a mini bed that encourage pretend play of tidying the own bed. (It’s selling at S$25)

We moved on and found this slide. Yvette had great fun playing there.


I Like this but we didn’t buy. (Don’t which door to hang.) (It’s selling at S$25)


Yvette was playing pots and pans again in the kitchen department before we checked out our purchases.


Hmmm, she really loves to cook ah!!!


5 thoughts on “IKEA Is Getting More Innovative

  1. They’ve always had this kitchen set for sale.

    Haha – we had a little tikes kitchen that i picked up from the rubbish bin downstairs at my old house. The kids played with it for so many years,not only as a kitchen. It got turned upside down and on it’s side as spaceship, bus…etc…up to their imagination. Until we threw it back downstairs as rubbish again. Haha…i think someone else picked it up too!

  2. Ops, I didn’t see this after I have been to Ikea so frequently due to our recent house renovation.

    Hey… I thot I am the only one in this modern days that pick up rubbish from the bin.

  3. Anyway, i think the small bed up there is for the toys, like so the little child can put her teddy bear or dolls to sleep. 😉

    Sometimes can get gems from rubbish bins. *haha* But my place now don’t have. ;(

  4. I saw the kitchen set too cos I’m also looking for one for Chloe as birthday present.

    Took some photos but haven’t post it yet, so coincidence!

    $129 is for the bottom, stove & basin part. If you want to add the top part then it’s additional of $49.

    This is really nice, you can also check out toys “r” us, they have those in plastic ones, similar but with cheaper price tags.

    ELC toys are pricey but sturdy, I got one small one for Chloe previously during sales. It suffered lots of abuse but still going strong.

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