A Walk in Toa Payoh Park

The last time Yvette visited this park when she was only a 7 mths baby. We were there to celebrate my FIL’s 82 birthday. (This picture was taken in the restaurant located in the park.)


Since it’s a sunny day today, I decided to bring Yvette to the park again. (Not having class does allow me to bring Yvette to park and playground more often.)


Honestly I always find this park is not a safe place for toddler of Yvette’s age. The park is surrounded with pond. Almost every path we landed our foot, we will see pond. Toddler of Yvette’s age still couldn’t identify what is dangerous to them and they might accidentally run into the pond.

IMG_3442 - New

Look at the way I held on Yvette hand while she was looking at the tortoise.

IMG_3438 - New IMG_3434

Some of the path was surrounded by railing which are hollow in the middle. It’s totally unsafe for Yvette too.

IMG_3463 - New

Anyway, Yvette did have a great fun in park. She loves looking at those information board and as though she was  reading it.


On our way back home, we stopped by at one playground before we headed home.

Park walk


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