Play Date with Lorraine

This play-date was pre-arranged when the lesson ended about two weeks ago. However, May couldn’t make it as they (both May and her mum) were down with cough and flu. So I went ahead without them to Lorraine’s place at West Coast.

We were there around noon and Lorraine was sleeping when we reached. I took out the lunch and started to feed Yvette while Yvette was playing her toys. Lorraine didn’t nap for long, properly for an hour. Both girls started to play side by side rather than “together”. Very cute. They hardly scratched each other toys.

Lorraine House

Yvette dozed off at 2 plus. This gave me a chance to catch up with Lorraine’s mum while her helper helped to take care of Lorraine.

I found this toy. A good toy to own rather than buying a big kitchen set for Yvette. (A big kitchen set will take up a lot of space in the house.)


The weather was bad today. Initially, we planned to go to the park near their place but we decided to take on the alternative plan; that was to the indoor playground Go.Go Bambini.

It was crowded when we were there. Beside school holiday, they were holding a birthday party when we arrived at the playground.

Both girls were funny too. They didn’t throw the balls around but walking around to pick the balls and put them back to the ball pool. Yvette didn’t really enjoy there too. I guess maybe due to too crowded and noisy. She was hungry and we sat down for snack break.

Lorraine House1

We left the place around 5 plus and headed homes.

P/S: I didn’t manage to take nice picture when we were in the playground as my camera was running out of battery.

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