A Box of Rubbish from Vpost

IMG_3240This box of rubbish cost me hundred over dollars to get it!!!

I shop oversea. And I buy books and stuffs from Amazon if I couldn’t get the them in town. So far this is my second shipment and I got really upset over it.

Just in case you have no idea how it works in Vpost. I will go into details.

When you made purchase oversea, you will receive an email invoice from the merchandise. Then you need to forward this email to Vpost for matching when the merchandise shipped your purchase to the address oversea given by Vpost to you. Then you have to wait patiently for Vpost to match. Sometimes Vpost will get a long time to match even you have provided them everything you have and they will keep sending you mail that they couldn’t match.

After they did the matching, you will need to login your Vpost account and do your own matching too. Then shipping charges will be sent to you via email. After that you just need to make payment and wait for your shipment to arrive.

Upon matching my purchase about 3 weeks ago, I jumped when I saw I was charged with 9.4kg of volumetric weight when the actual weight of my item is only 1.4kg. I called them to help me whether was there a way to reduce my shipment charges and NO ONE attend to my call. (One customer service officer promised to check and return my call, but she never.) So in the end (where I didn’t aware about it), my shipment was on the way to Singapore when items were matched even shipping payment not made. In short, no matter how I dispute over the shipment, I have to PAY!!!

I called Vpost and wrote to Vpost over the shipment cost dispute and my disappointment over the service they had provided me but NO ONE ever bothers to come back to me. (If there was someone kind enough over in Vpost had helped me to redirect my purchase back to Amazon, and repacked it, I will have saved hundred over dollar of shipping cost.)

Well, I have learnt a lesson from this shipment and I am very angry at the whole episode. I have decided to rather spend a little more time to ensure the packing from the merchandise does not exceed my expectation and of course will definitely change the shipping company than to be “Penny wise, Pound foolish”.


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