Cloth Diaper – A New Diaper in Town

I am a subscriber of Today’s Motherhood and learnt about this new cloth diaper in town. They are giving away one free diaper if you meet their terms and conditions.

So if you are a fan of cloth diaper, you may like to hop on to this site and find out more.


4 thoughts on “Cloth Diaper – A New Diaper in Town

  1. Hi sunflower, thank you very much for blogging about the Giveaway. Glad to know another Mummy blogger.

    By the way, Hong Kong has a great variety of educational materials for the young ones, at an attractive price too. Hope you enjoyed shopping there. 🙂

  2. Mummy to Baby V,

    U are welcome. I hope to win too. hehe

    Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time to shop but still manage to get a good book during our shopping spree.


    Chic meh? Anyway, I am also using a mixture of cloth and disposable diaper now.

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