Our Travel Tales – 5D4N Hong Kong 2009 Day 4 Part 2

This is a back-dated post.

Must shop at Citygate outlets even you didn’t plan to go Lantau Island. The things there are so cheap and really affordable. Even locals are there too.

Must try the Chicken Rice of the Food court. Really Yummy!!!

Places of Interest Visited:

Citygate Outlets

The above are some travel tips I could share based on my own experience. Read on to find out more of what we did in Hong Kong!



Our next objective was to shop at Citygate Outlets shopping complex near to the cable Car Station. It housed branded outlets like Nike, Timberland, Esprit, Mango, and many more that stimulated spending desire with sales discounts. There was no photo taking allowed at the shops within the complex, and we were warned after many shots had been taken. We spent 1 to 2 hours to complete our shopping action items. I had a shirt, my wife had a cap and Yvette was the biggest winner with most number of new clothes.

We found the familiar home brand “Food Republic Food court” within the complex. Familiar Singapore delights like Hainanese Chicken Rice, Laksa were there to conquer the appetites of the locals. My wife had chicken rice plus a plate of steam vegetable, and a bowl of porridge, while I had scallop rice. We ordered congee for Yvette  but she prefer to share all our food. Then again the undesirable was it didn’t provide any high chairs.

HK D4 Part 2

We decided to head back to Hotel to unload our shopping bags before going for the book shop which closed at 930PM.

Yvette at bookshop – lively as usual. She roamed around the shops in the junior department. There were small little steps separating it from the adults section which posed a danger for her…. but at one point she suddenly cried panicky for mama. My wife didn’t find any Chinese book interesting but we spent around HKD 400 of English books.


Good book for sex education

On our way back, we brought this local delight called Egg nest waffle. It taste like our local waffle sell in the confectionary shop. We learnt from other local customer how to order that in Cantonese, 一底?两底?that simply means one or two sets. We were too busying eating that we forgotten to take a picture of it.

Packing up was the last task we had to accomplish before we can to call it a day.


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