Our Travel Tales – 5D4N Hong Kong 2009 Day 4 Part 1

This is a back-dated post.

Take the Crystal Cabin cable car unless you are afraid of height. HKD 100 more than the normal cabin but the queue is so much shorter. (Save time)

Places of Interest Visited:

Pgong Ping 360 Village

Lantau Island

Day 4 was planned for a trip to the renowned Lantau Island particularly to admire the Tian Tan Buddha statue. In order to get there this was the planned route: MTR to 东涌 station, walk to the cable car station and take the cable car to 昂平360 village.

The above are some travel tips I could share based on my own experience. Read on to find out more of what we did in Hong Kong!


We weren’t early birds for that morning. Luckily it wasn’t too late for a McDonald’s breakfast. On the night before, we had decided to experience local McDonald’s breakfast even this was something we didn’t frequently do back at hometown.

As we had not spotted any McDonald within the precinct in the past few days, we asked the hotel staff for location of the nearest one. Glad that there was one on the diagonally opposite street. Expectedly, it took us just around 10 minutes to see the familiar “M” signage. We were just in time for the late order for 2 sets of breakfast meal. The environment was spacious with few customers and the ambient was surprisingly serene.  Only undesirable was it didn’t provide any baby chairs.

HK D4 Part 1

After breakfast we took a MTR ride from 尖沙咀to 东涌station. It was rather far and required a line switch at Li-Jing station en-route. On the train heading to Li-Jing, my wife offered her seat to a local toddler boy and then we started conversation with his parents. They were going to visit Lantau Island as well. What a coincidence!


Yvette socialising

Finally we reached东涌station at about 12pm. Outside the station, we were so delighted to notice a shop called 奇华that sells老婆鉼. We have been talking about this “must try” delicacy before the trip. So we decide to visit this shop during our way back from the island trip. Opposite the station there was a shopping complex that specialized in factory outlet retails. That will be the next target of visit too.

The cable car station is a few minute walk from the 东涌station. There was this “Crystal”cable car offered at HKD 157 per adult as compared to normal cable car at HKD 107 only. So what’s so special about the “crystal”? Well technically it’s just the cable car base that was made of transparent material. Takers will experience the thrilling sensation of seeing right through the base while suspending in the mid air. Not sure it was being expensive or people avoiding thrill, the Crystal cable care line saw lesser crowd and hence shorter queue – this is what we like 🙂

HK D4 Part 11

It was a day of fine weather and we were all ready for the cable car ride! The mountains and heights were awesome and I couldn’t resist taking more pictures of the sceneries which captured the HK International Airport as well. We saw people hiking thru the glass of our cabin too. All of us admired Yvette’s bravery or rather “fear ignorance” when she stood on the Crystal base. Even the co-passenger boy was very reluctant to do that. It was a wonderful experience and we will be able to try it once more on our way back. Mountains over mountains the cable car went up and down for roughly 25 minutes. Safely and soundly we landed at the cable car terminal at昂平360 village. (We were scared too. Haha)



Time check, it was almost 2 then. We realized we badly needed a lunch break so we went to the eateries nearby but found that the seating space was outnumbered by crowd. I was tempted for the shaded seats outside even though they were exposed, but they were taken too. Relieved that we found a Ramen restaurant that offered decent seats and air-con although the exhaust from the kitchen still lingered in the air. Each of us ordered different flavor of Ramen to try. Yvette had her little share from my wife bowl. My wife and I almost had our bowl emptied. The meal wasn’t expensive and we were satisfied.


We toured around the昂平360 village was located on the foothill of the Buddha hill. This was a heavily commercialized area with nothing but souvenir shops, animation movie theatre, coffee shop, and etc. At one point, Yvette found a shop with nothing but toy machines. She seemed re-energized and started busily exploring every machine. I guessed it was one of her most wonderful time of the day. There was much to buy for Yvette, but we managed to settle for a nice handheld windmill before heading for the “thousand step stairway” Tian Tan Buddha hill climb.

HK D4 Part 12

I was trying to snap a picture of Tian Tan Buddha statue from the foot of the stairway foothill. It seemed impossible as the sunlight beam hit directly on my camera. I kept wondering if this was a design to prevent picturing of the holy statue. Anyway, my wife carried Yvette up the steps while I stopped intermediately to picture the sceneries.




We didn’t have the stamina to count the steps (perhaps someone else’s did already) but confirmed it was draining us badly when we finally conquered the heights. And my wife was quite mad with Yvette repeatedly demanding for either toilet break or milk which was the sign of throwing tantrum rather than real needs. We didn’t spend much time there besides taking a walk through the Buddhist exhibition hall there. Climbing down the stair should be easier so Yvette thought she could join us too. Well it ended up we were tired as the results of bending ourselves down to hold her. She drained herself out without noticing…. Due to physical fatigue (seriously, after climbing up hill) we called it a day for Lantau Island, and give Po Lin Monastery and other well known places a miss.

At 4+, we decided to make our way back to东涌side. Yvette was already knocked out then. Sun was beginning to set and we had a nice view of it.



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