Our Travel Tales: 5D4N Hong Kong 2009 Day 3 Part 2

This is a back-dated post.

Don’t leave Ocean Park around their 6 pm which their closing hour. The bus ride we took was longer than usual. Instead of 20 mins, it took us 40 mins. The air inside the bus was really motionless and made Yvette really uncomfortable. She was really cranky after the ride and this made our meal time difficult.

She was making a great fuss when we were having our dinner at the restaurant. I was so angry with her and slap her. She cried of course, so we have to cut short our dinner and head back to hotel.

Book stores in Hong Kong closed at 9 pm and it will be half an hour later over the weekend. So plan your time to avoid disappointment.

Places of Interest Visited:


The above are some travel tips I could share based on my own experience. Read on to find out more of what we did in Hong Kong!


We had our meal at a Japanese restaurant next to the bus interchange we alighted. But Yvette was making a great fuss. She was restless too. So in the end we took no picture for our meal and also had to cut down our meal time and went back to hotel to rest.

I guess it could be due to the bus ride we had before we settled down for meal. It was so crowded and the air was so still. When we walked back to the MTR station, Yvette suddenly became livelier again.


I showed hubby where I got breakfast in the morning as we walked back to hotel. I brought the “fish ball” where you could see in most HK drama to try. And Yvette loves it too.


It was still early, eg 8 plus. We took a short rest in the hotel and we went out to search for books. Unfortunately most book stores closed at 9 pm and the only store I like and I could have books I am interested in, also closed at 9 pm.

We shopped around 尖沙咀 and found on CD shop selling CD/VCD/DVD. I brought three CDs and hubby found nothing to buy before we ended our day.



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