Our Travel Tales: 5D4N Hong Kong 2009 Day 1 Part 2

This is a back-dated post.

Due to our renovation, we never check the hotel we booked with Chan Brother. (Usually we will check hotel locally before we fly and make the necessary changes.) The moment when we checked in our room, we have a shock! The standard room was really small. There wasn’t any moving space for us let alone Yvette. So we requested to change for a bigger room. Of course, we have to pay for the “upgrade”. Anyway, do check the size of the room before booking or travel, this is very important.

Places of Interest Visited:

  • The Central District
  • The Central Piers
  • The Peak

How we get to the Central District?

Take MTR and alight at Central station.

How we get to Central Pier?

Exit A from Central MTR station and walk along the construction line.

The above are some travel tips I could share based on my own experience. Read on to find out more of what we did in Hong Kong!


We received our “second shock” of the day when we checked into the hotel. We were staying at Shamrock Hotel that is situated in the heart of the commercial, shopping and entertainment district of Kowloon.

The room was really small. It’s even small than any of our room at home. Beside the queen size bed, a table and a cupboard for clothing, there wasn’t any more space left. I can’t even request to have a baby cot. Since we co-sleep, it’s totally not possible for 3 of us to squeeze onto this bed.  (Unfortunately, due to the “shock” I never have the time to take picture of the small room.)

So I requested to change room.

Yes, we have to upgrade to a bigger room for space.

HK D1 Part 2

Yvette was never afraid of the height of the bed and the height of this bed was definitely much higher than we had at home.  She used the same methodology to climb down the bed by herself.

And since we lost two hours in the airport, we have to give Madame Tussaud’s Hong Kong a miss.

We decided to buy their MTR Octopus card instead of Single Journey Ticket for convenience and for cost saving too. (I find not worth of getting the MTR Tourist Pass.)

We took our first MTR ride with Yvette. Yvette as usual, she was exploring every corner of the station and the train.


The first destination we landed our foot as per our HK trip itinerary was the Central district in HK. We went there to see pieces of architecture in their financial hub. Beside sight-seeing, both of us love to see those skyscrapers. The night started very early in HK. The sky started to turn very dark within an hour from 5 pm in the evening.



Yvette loves the water fountain outside the MTR station. She even attempted to climb up to the fountain and kept wanting us to lift her up to the sitting area of the fountain too.


We saw a statue outside the train station too. But I have no idea who was he.


When we made our way to the Central Pier, we were surprised Yvette loves to walk. She walked and really a lot. But she still walks like a drunken master.

It’s not difficult to locate the Pier although there were some construction around.




Yvette finally fallen asleep after missing her afternoon nap when we left the Pier after some photo taking at 6 plus in the evening.

We headed to get some food. We entered this mall, ifc mall at central waterfront. And I was glad that this mall provides renting of stroller for free. We managed to put Yvette down and let her rest comfortably instead of me carrying her in the carrier.


It took awhile for us to decide what to have for dinner and we landed in this Chinese Restaurant for Congee – 正斗粥麵專家 (Tasty Congee & Noodle Wan) – For the price we paid, we felt the food was worthwhile for us to give it a second try. It’s tasty and the serving portions were big enough for a family of 3. I even asked them to pack the fish congee and the noodle (I missed out taking picture of the noodle) for me for Yvette as she was still sleeping while we were eating.

HK D1 Part 21

Yvette woke up when we were about to finish our food. She was really cranky and we quickly left the restaurant.

We couldn’t find an appropriate place in the shopping mall to feed Yvette. (The nursing room in this building didn’t come with a space that allows us to do feeding.) We ended up in Starbuck instead. (Yvette eating Fish Congee and Noodle.)

Yvette eating at Starbuck

After her meal, (it took awhile for her to eat) we went up to the Peak. (A place I had never been despite I have been in HK for 10 times.) There are several routes you could get up to the Peak and you can find them here.

We had chosen the cheapest way to get up and coming down. We took the min-bus service, (I never experience this before too). It’s fast. I think it took less than 10 mins we were up to the top of the peak.


It’s really worthwhile to make our trip up. The view was spectacular but it was really cold up there. And most significantly, we left with many memorable pictures. (Yvette was really cranky before we went up but she was so co-operative when we were taking picture. She was looking into the camera most of the time. Our family photos was nicely taken by a stranger too.)



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