Weight Issue

I suspect Yvette has yet reached 10kg though many have highlighted to me she is getting heavier.

Well, I reported Yvette is such a glutton nowadays. Yes she is. But there are days when she’s totally not eating much at all. And she’s such an active toddler. She climbs everywhere within her reach now. (Up to coffee table, sofa, dining table chair, etc.) I think soon she will climb up to the dining table.


I remember when I was a little girl; I was always regarded as skinny. I ate a lot and yet I hardly put on weight. I only started to put on weight when I was 15. My heaviest weight I had was 73 kg when I was expecting with Yvette. And now I am only 59 kg. I have been eating a lot and rarely put on weight. I guess mainly due to hectic schedule I have with Yvette and breastfeeding.

Label as “Skinny” is a norm in my family. My mother lost all her weight after each pregnancy easily. She only put on weight on much later in her life when she keeps eating without control. My brother standing at 186 cm and his weight hardly crosses 65 kg. My sister standing 158 cm and her weight is never crossed 45 kg. My dad and my weight were classified as average.

Coming back to Yvette, she’s always at 50 to 75 percentile for height but her weight always couldn’t make it to 50%. Having that, the nurses in polyclinic who measured her weight had hardly highlighted to me that I need to “pump” up Yvette.

“A blessing in disguise” of not fitting into the “right” weight ranger for us are:

  • Yvette could put on M size diaper where many of her peers are using L or XL. (Diaper is expensive and I toilet train Yvette using disposable when we are out.)
  • Yvette could still fit in the nappy cloth. Something really useful for my night training.
  • Yvette is still wearing clothing from 12 to 18 mths. I can save money on clothing from time to time.

So weight an issue, I guess not anymore.


5 thoughts on “Weight Issue

  1. Jacob is still wearing M-size diaper! The nurses at the poly always just say “small-size” baby. Oh well. We have small genes in our family, since dh is only 1.63 or 1.65m tall – a tiny bit taller than me. The babies are not born that small though. Jacob is like 3rd percentile in weight, i think now, though.

  2. my son elijah is also the same too ..

    as much as we are putting on size L diaper on him, i know very well he fits into an M comfortably too..
    I have not been buying much clothes of the recent mths, coz he can still wear his clothes from 12 – 18 mths and even smaller ( mayb due to numerous hand wash which stretches the clothes ) …

    but my son dun really like meat, which is weird coz every1 in the family lurves meat … sighzzz

  3. Sam,

    But Jacob doesn’t look small to me.


    Why upgrade your baby to L when he can fit M? Iszit because of L diaper can hold more pee?

    Hmmm… that’s really weird when everyone at home like meat and your baby doesn’t like it.

  4. CHVoon,

    She eats everything we eat at home. She doesn’t weight less than the weight u stated in your comment. I weighted her last month using my SIL’s weight scale, it gave me 9.4kg.

    One thing that really makes me less worry about Yvette’s weight now is, Yvette is really eating a lot. 5 serving of fruits and vegetable daily, plus 3 meals (although most of the time she never finishes them but at least she will eat half of the bowl given.)

    All her snacks are all made of whole grain and mostly organic. She also nibbles my food too.

    Lastly, I think she inherits my family’s gene, even she eats a lot, she also will have problem putting on weight. She is just like my brother. (My brother was really a big eater since he was a little boy.)

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