Play Date with Baby Jacob

I finally get to meet Sam after talking to her via MSN and smsing for quite sometimes. I got to know her via my own blog and now we become friend. She is a mother of 4. I admire her courage to give birth to baby Jacob. (Her oldest child is 15 and the youngest excluding Jacob is 10, P4)

Anyway, we arranged to head down Go.Go Bambini so that our child can have fun while we mingled around.

Jacob was shy but Daniel (her elder son) was cute and caring.


Yvette had fun too.

I reported (here) she was no longer afraid of net tunnel in last month and today she headed toward the (longer) tunnel with net. She did it so many times and this made me so tired to crawl to and fro with her. –.-


On our way back, we read some books in Sam’s car and Yvette really made Daniel laugh. That’s because Yvette only uttered the last word of every word I read it to her. And Daniel tried to make her said the first word by covering the word on the book and Yvette just didn’t want to follow.

Daniel laughed his heart out for this.


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