These few days, Yvette took the initiative to play with this non-conventional toy from IKEA I have given to her month ago (here) and matched by her own.

She did those less than 5 mins. Her concentration level had advanced certainly. It’s time to add forks and spoons into this set and build up her momentum.


I also took out a new set of toy that I brought months ago. (I tend to buy toys when they were offering great discounts and keep it when time is ripe for Yvette to play.)


Matching is on our card now!


2 thoughts on “Concentration

  1. i was so tempted to buy a word-picture matching game yesterday at Toys R Us, but decided not to – yet. *haha* Told myself that I don’t need to “test” what I know he “knows” even if it’s a game.

  2. Oh well Sam,

    I don’t regard that as testing rather than revision of what she already know.

    Actually I am lazy to practice those toys that I have created for her too. This was really an initiative out of her own will.

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