Yvette is 1 Year 6 Months (18 mths) Exactly

Today, Yvette is finally 18 mths. She grown so quickly this past year. I start to miss her tiny hands and feet and the helpless baby that I brought home such a short time ago.


Physically (Movement)

I hope she is close to 10 kg for this month. (Everyone is complaining she is getting heavier. The estimated height for Yvette is 81 cm. And her feet are 12 cm still.

As compared to last month, she walks a lot more this month. She also started to walk to school instead of me carrying her. But the way she walks, sometimes still like a beginner, slightly better but still pivot, her balancing is not good. She could walk up and down stairs using the side rail which was her achievement for last month. And here is a clip showing how “well” she can walk now.

She could do the “hooray” hand sign.

Behaviour (Mentally)

I finally managed to take a picture on how she wipes off the residue off her mouth. Arrr… so dirty!!!


After “learning” how to mop, she could wipe and wash.

She starts to socialise. (Here) She waves goodbye and says “Hi” to stranger every now and then.

She peeps.

She climbs a lot more this month. (I haven’t taught her how to jump yet. Is this necessary?)

She starts to display more signs of independency.

She can be very funny.

She used to be a clingy child, she started to give more signs she can ready to explore the world on her own and venture a bit further away from me. (Here)

Here are a list of this and that about her liking, things she like to do and things that could excite her.  Her favourite department in the shopping mall is the Cosmetic Department. Her dad was surprise she  had demonstrated an interest  toward  this. It’s too early for that, as always highlight by her daddy. She also gets excited whenever she see  dog, cats & birds on the street.  But still, there are things that don’t change. She still likes ball, music, bubbles, etc. She will get very excited when she sees them.

She could grip a crayon firmly and draw a scribble well.

Potty Training

I finally see light at the end of the tunnel? Actually no, we are still at another end of the tunnel. However, there are good signs coming from Yvette.

  • She remains dry during her nap most of the time.
  • She starts give clear sign that she need to pee and poop. She will press against her lower part of her body indicating her need.
  • She even started to give me sign she needs to eliminate despite she is wearing disposable. (I am still using diaper when we are out.)

But still, there are plenty of challenges.

  • She still doesn’t like to sit on the potty or the bowl. I need to carry her when she needs to pee and poop.
  • Night training is almost impossible although I have experienced she could stay dry throughout the night. As a breastfed baby, Yvette still wakes up to suck for comfort. She also doesn’t like to wake up to pee. One or two miss are inevitable.
  • I think she still doesn’t “understand” the meaning of “hold” especially the two hours before she is going to sleep. She will keep pressing her lower part of her body asking us to bring her to toilet. This usually happen every 5 to 10 mins after she had passed urine. I am getting sick of this.

Vocal development – Speech

Now she trying to repeat all sorts of words that she hears. And she could do it quite well. She managed to get the word “dangerous” accurately but she only said it twice when my sister uttered them during our outing together.

We recorded her voice since she was a baby using my hubby HP but then we realised the sound quality output of his “Smart” phone really sux. @_@

I manage to record and get Yvette to utter some words after me this month. Her babyish voice really lightens up our day.

(Click Here to listen.)

(P/S: I spent days to figure out how to do audio blog in WordPress but the result I gotten was not desirable. I hope to get an icon as this below.


But I can’t. Any kind soul out there who is using wordpress can teach me?)


She still bites and kept putting all sorts of things into her mouth. I really scare she will have bacterial infection again.


She is an indolent.


She was such a glutton last month. (I never expect of this change as she was once a fussy eater.)

After trying to figure out why she is not eating her breakfast well, I finally found some answers last month. I found out her eating habit is just like her father. Her dad can’t eat immediately after his brush his teeth and clean himself in the morning. After doing the necessary, he has to wait for 15 to 25 mins to start his “stomach” engine. Yvette is just like him.

There was a day; she totally didn’t want to eat no matter how I had tried. Then I gave up and left her alone. After I finished my chorus, I started to eat. And she wanted to eat too. From there on, I know “her engine” only will start after certain timing.

Emotions (Tantrum)

She was slightly better last month. Not much of tantrum I am facing. But I regretted to introduce vitamin to her. She has treated them as sweet. And every night before she sleeps, she wants to have some.

As a “smart” person like me, I break them to many smaller pieces and give her bit by bit. But this is not going to solve “the candy problem”. I bite the bullet and decide not to give it to her anymore. She cried for 5-6 consecutive nights before she finally stops asking for them at night. But from time to time, she still wants me to bring her to the fridge to search for her “candy”.

New Challenges Ahead

Educate Yvette in a more structure way will be a new task for me. But I would not be doing right now. I will be starting “my planned programme” with her only in Dec. Reason, I will disclose much later.

Managing her tantrum will be another challenge for me. Time to time she will “pull” out her “sword” and fright against my order. Control her and discipline will be a big headache for me and my hubby. She seems to be a “stubborn child” in our eye.


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