Something Special for Today, 13th Nov 2009

What so special for today beside Yvette turning 18 mths old for our family was, our Customary Wedding was held 7 years back. So today was our 7th years Anniversary. Off we went for a celebration in town.

We had a delicious dinner at Bali Thai. We ordered some non-spicy food such as Seafood Hot plate and Fried Chicken Wing for Yvette.

After dinner, we went to several places in Orchard to hunt down the Christmas Trees and check out for Christmas Light-up along Orchard Road. A blue theme gives a romantic feel from Tanglin to Shaw Centre. A warmer tone of orange lighting from Ion Orchard to The Herren. We saw reindeer along the pedestrian walkways in front of Ion mall to Nee Ann City and they are all dressed. We love the Christmas Tree outside Paragon!

Christmas Tree outside Ion Orchard



And Daddy brought a set of clothing for Yvette’s 18 mth old birthday too. 🙂


We also tried to get the same picture together with the Christmas Tree in Nee Ann City as we did last year, and this was the result we could get with an un-cooperative Yvette. (It’s so hard to get the toddler to cooperate now.) (First picture taken last year using Sony Camera, the one beside using Canon. I like the colour tone using Canon. I did not do any editing of colour and lighting of the two pictures.)

DSC08807 - New IMG_1725 - New

We went home after some photo-taking outside Ion.


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