Strollers, Our 3 White Elephants At Home

When I was expecting, and started to shop for baby item, I wanted a stroller that I could reverse the handle bar to the front, so that I can see my baby and my baby can see me. So we brought a Capella, not a Combi, Combi was too ex for my budget at that time.

When Yvette was much older, we realised the stroller can’t cater to her size anymore, and Capella was too short for our height, (Hubby 178 cm and me 165 cm), we brought our second stroller, Maclaren Techno XT. We like it a lot but due to I am the one looking after Yvette, I always find pushing a stroller is a chores to me. (It’s very hard to move around in market and provision shop.) So I hardly use, I always carry Yvette when I am out with her or use my good friend, Beco. And this built up the habit of Yvette doesn’t like to be in the stroller.

Then due to one “good” reason I have, (I wanted a very light weight stroller to carry around if I happen to be out after class and Yvette needs to nap.), I asked for a third stroller. It’s a gift. It’s very light weight stroller but we only used once.

So, we had 3 white elephants at home. And yet, I am always eyeing on stroller. -__-

Haha, never, I think hubby will never agree to buy any of them unless we have a car much later.

Anyway, let me discuss the disadvantage of not using stroller at my point of view:-

  • We will be very tired when we have to keep carry our baby/toddler all the time.
  • Without stroller, we can’t let our baby have good rest. So if we are out for the whole day, I will definitely carry one out.
  • Without stroller, we can’t shop peaceful. One of us definitely needs to look after our child when we shop.

And so what will be the advantages?

  • Yvette can see a lot of things at our eye level. (She knows how to press for the bus bell that I never teach her before.)
  • Yvette could utter “Thank” and 谢谢 (xie xie) now and know the meaning.
  • I can hug, kiss, stroke, etc, whenever I want.
  • I talk  and point things to Yvette more when I carry her.
  • I always see parents hang their shopping bags behind the stroller. Actually this is very dangerous to do so. I have seen many stroller toppled when parents remove the child out of the stroller without removing those bags and overweight bags made the stroller toppled too.
  • Lastly I don’t need to worry what Hann’s mummy shared in their blog today. Yes Maclaren recalls 1 million buggies. I better give the local distributor a call tomorrow (even I hardly use it now.) -.-!!!

P/S:  I have called the distributor and they told me the kit will only be in Singapore at end of Nov. We also have to bring down our stroller to Kaki Bukit upon collecting the kit.


9 thoughts on “Strollers, Our 3 White Elephants At Home

  1. We cannot live without our stroller. Me and hubby both have back issues so we cannot carry heavy weight for long, stroller is best thing invented (to us la).

    Even when I already have a very good stroller now, I still crave for a better one so it’s normal. Haha

  2. I have back problems too. In fact, my hip has just started to give way since my no.3, so it’s been more than 10years with a bad back. But I still do not own a stroller bc I know how little I would use it.

  3. Lazymummy,

    Yeah, I agree stroller is a good invention. Sometimes I wish Yvette will sit in there quitely like some other kids. But well, it very hard for me to train her now.


    Slowly or surely, my back will give way if Yvette keep wanting us to carry. Thumb up to your determination of not getting one.

  4. I can’t live without my stroller and carseat! but it does take a bit of training to get the kids used to sitting in one.
    thanks for sharing the maclauren news…I may need to get the safety kit for Mal’s old stroller

  5. I purchased a Maclaren twin stroller when I recently had precious new born twin boys. After searching for twin strollers I came across the Techno and Triumph twin strollers and they looked promising. I ended up buying the Techno. I was surprised at how simple a maclaren twin stroller is to walk around town with. I have viewed parents using twin strollers before and they were wide and wide, but thats not a problem with this one. I am extremely happy to have come across these strollers. I hear they are great for a toddler and baby, not just for twins. So anyone planning on having babies close together might need to take a look, I recommend it.

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