Exactly Two Month

IMG_1517It’s exactly two months today after I visited the doctor in Sept. My cough is like come and go. But yesterday was really bad. I need to leave the room and sneeze. Running nose is coming back? I hate this.

I remember I hardly fall sick when I am a child, a teenage and an adult. I would give the first credit to my mother who had breastfed me for 6 months. Falling sick will be a nightmare for me.

I went to the clinic this morning and given 4 types of medicines. I have to admitted I did not take the medication seriously last round. So this time, I will finish all the medicines that the doctor had specifically indicated to me I have to finish them. I don’t want to spend another S$45 again. (Last round I spend S$48.)


5 thoughts on “Exactly Two Month

  1. Sam,

    I agree with you. I need Vitamin C but why Garlic? I start to see ulcers coming out too.


    Thanks for your very first comments. Yes I cough very badly during that timing. Buy why?

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