How To Relieve Word Document After You Decided Not To Save Them?

I nearly need to rewrite my last entry on our outing in United Square.

I blog using Microsoft Word and will then paste the written entry into Window Live Writer.

Yesterday, my notebook couldn’t initialize. (My notebook is always in sleep mode. I am lazy to turn on the notebook all the time again and again.) I removed my battery and let it “restart”.

When I finally start up my notebook and open my word document, it prompts me whether I want to kept the last two word documents. Without thinking much, I clicked “No”. When I reopened those documents, I realized all my effort gone!!!

“Heart Sink”

I asked my hubby will there be a way to relieve the last generated document. And his answer is yes and here are the steps.

Go “C” Drive -> Look for your user name -> Find this folder, AppData. Under this folder, you need to find the Word folder. -> You should see a few documents with this naming convention, “Auto- recovery save of “your file name”, click open. You should be able to find the last updated copy.

Remember I clicked “No” when Microsoft word prompted me to. Those files that I have clicked “No” to it, had gone to the recycled bin. You just need to go to the recycled bin to restore the file and then you will see it in the AppData/Word folder again.


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