We Experienced The Foot Massage For The First Time

We went to United Square to get some nursing accessories and our niece Ting called. She and her boyfriend joined us shortly.

Yvette was always excited to see this JieJie. This round she was no longer shy when she saw her boyfriend Bryan. And surprisingly Yvette followed them for their dinner and left me shopping alone. -.-!!!

I went to Growing Gift and ELC at the basement (ELC was having some sales in the basement) and then headed back to look for them. We then went up to Popular to get colour pencil and sharpener for Yvette. Instead of letting Yvette roaming around, messing the books, Hubby brought her over to ELC at next door.

After making my purchase, I went over to ELC to join them. I was happy to see Yvette was happily playing with the kitchen set. (I am already on the waiting list to rent a kitchen set for Yvette before we buy.) When we enquired about this set, it was out of stock in the entire Singapore and it will only come in after Christmas.

United Square 06 Nov 09

My niece suggested and finally convinced us to do our First Foot Massage with Wan Yang. (Actually we kept rejecting her offer. We didn’t want to trouble them to babysit Yvette for us.) We left Yvette playing in ELC with my niece and went to Wan Yang in the basement. (Yvette totally ignored us when I was trying to tell her I am leaving)

And yes, this was the first time we did it together. We been procrastinating of doing it mainly due to we have heard many statements on how painful Foot Massage can be painful.

IMG_1405It was indeed painful for my hubby. He was squeezing his face beside me while I was smiling. Although my threshold toward pain is higher, perhaps due to I have went thru labour before, but I did express how painful I was, when the massager pressed on some specific nerve on the foot.

Yvette came shortly because ELC need to close for a day. She wasn’t very pleased to just sit there with us. So Bryan brought her some food to keep her occupied. She started to move around, moving from my arm to her daddy’s arm. She demanded for milk too. -.-!!! I have to breastfeed her using a towel as camouflage. After milk, she suddenly became quiet because she saw someone in the shop scooped up the rice from rice cooker. @_@

The overall the experience was good for me but “so-so” to my hubby. We did not take up the package offered by them mainly due to I did not wish I am the one utilise the package.

We left and we went up to get our car and we saw two rabbits inside the display window. Yvette got very excited. (She been seeing rabbit in the book and my neighbour has one rabbit too. Sometimes she will get a chance to have a closer encounter with the rabbit when we were happened to be there when they cleaning the rabbit’s cage.)

United Square 06 Nov 091

With this, I think now will be the ripe time to bring Yvette to animal farm soon.

P/S: A note for me – I visited the dentist today.


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