Moving Toward Her Independent Day

Many parents work toward moving their child to be more independent so that it will benefit both child and parent. I am no exception too. But I did not set a timeline for my child as when she needs to achieve the level of independency benchmark by platform such as Baby Centre.

After she turned one, I never look back the chart on how our child should progress among the average. I just goes with the flow.

No target when I should let her sleep in her own room. (I am really regret on how I have tried to let her sleep by her own before she turned one.)

No target when she should start to eat independently. (I am still feeding her although she could feed herself with mess)

No target when she should able to put away her toy all by herself. (Although we practice this habit but it not a must every night.)

This list can go longer and longer.

My expectation is low. (Am I laid-back?)

Anyway, at 17 mths I am surprise she could demonstrate certain level of sensibility and independency. Some of the things she does, really out of my expectation.

How sensible she is now?

  • She never put on a sick face when she was sick. She wore a smile although she was really sick. (here)
  • When her YeYe was unwell, (my FIL “blinded” eye kept giving him problem.) she will climbed up to the sofa to stroke my FIL’s face. (Showing her empathy.)
  • Usually she will be eating her breakfast on the table; my FIL will come into the kitchen when he is up. She will pass the bread on the table to him. (Telling him to eat his bread.)
  • There was once, (a few weeks ago) I was really unwell. Taken the drowsy medicine. (She already slept but after I took my medicine and changed her to cloth diaper, I woke her up from her nap.) No matter how I trying to coax her, I just couldn’t get her back to nap. I told her I am really unwell and ask her to play by her own. She really followed my instruction and let me rest for 1.5 hrs.  She just played by herself. I am so touched by her sensibility.
  • She doesn’t charge out of the house when we are going out. She will make sure I close the door and take the lead to close the gate.

And how independent she is?

  • Remember she could socalise? She is doing more of this now.
  • She could eat breakfast all by herself now without me feeding her. Usually I will leave her sit on the table while I do laundry, cook her lunch for her. (And she prefers to feed herself more. And she uses fork very well.)

Having breakfast all by herself

  • She knows how to dig her ear. @_@

Her effort

  • With my little help, she could take out her clothes herself. (I only help her to remove clothes away from one arm then she will do the rest.)
  • She could clear away those toys that taken out by her.
  • After having fun on those things inside the cupboard, she could put them back those to the cupboard.

Well, the above may be nothing to some, but it meant a lot to me.


4 thoughts on “Moving Toward Her Independent Day

  1. I liked how you didn’t stress yourself out by the “development charts” and let her find her own pace of growth. And she’s really turned out very well 🙂

    • Thanks JZ,

      Honestly, initially I am really “stress out” by the chart especially when she was still not walking. But as time passes, I realise why shall i be bothered after all they are unique individual.

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