Our First Trip to Turf City

Shuttle Bus service fromToaPayoh

I received time table of free shuttle bus service from Sam. (Thanks.) (I didn’t know there is such service from Toa  Payoh Interchange.)

Anyway, I decided to make a trip down to Turf City, a place that I have never been before mainly due to I am think of transferring Yvette to Marsden Swim School there. (Traveling there will be easier for me with that shuttle bus service.)

I am glad I have gone.

We left home around noon. We took a bus to interchange instead of walking because it was drizzling. I brought my lunch from Subway and eating them while waiting for the shuttle bus. (Of course my Yvette had a share of it.) The shuttle bus service was reliable. It arrived sharply at 1 pm and we reached Turf City around 1.15 pm. Cool ! The ride only took us 15 mins. The first impression I have for Turf City was; it was so run down. I think not much renovation was done before it was transformed into a shopping mall.

The waiting point

The waiting point

We entered the mall and were welcomed by TCS Superstore. I managed to pick up a book for Yvette and a book for Hubby. I wanted to browse the toys but Yvette wasn’t co-operative. So after I made payment for my purchase and I proceeded with my mission.

Turf City6

Books I brought

Although I couldn’t  spend much time looking at the time, still I manage to find some good toys on the shelves.

Some good toys. These toys only cost S$20++ But I am not sure of the quality.

Good toys but not sure about the quality. Most of them are selling at S$20++

These puzzle aren't cheap. I have the alphabet puzzle that I brought from SSC for only $7.90 but it is selling at S$9.90 here.

These puzzle aren't cheap. I have the alphabet puzzle it only cost me S$7.90. They are selling at S$9.90.

The school was not too difficult to find. It was located outside the main building. It looks exactly the same what the Holland Branch. I did not manage to enquire the class schedule but I did call Jane to check out on the transfer. I am still considering of transferring Yvette. I am not sure will she be comfortable with the “new place” although it look the same to me. I am not sure will she be comfortable with the instructor too.

The pull factors:

Traveling will definitely be easier. There will be a walking distance from bus stop to the school. So if it rains, it will be a task for me. In Turf City, I could feed Yvette right after class at the coffee shop.  I actually give snack to Yvette right after her swim class at Holland. So she won’t be hungry.

Oh well, guess it will be a tough decision I have to make. Should I, shouldn’t I?

IMG_1004We went up to Fidgets at 4th floor. I have wanted to visit this indoor playground for long.

This round, Yvette wasn’t keen at all. I think it  hadcollided into her nap time. She was rubbing her eye but she just couldn’t let herself sleep. (Too much fun being out, so she didn’t want to sleep I guess.) She just sat down to where ever I have placed her and refused to move around. I decided to bring her to the eating area to feed her lunch. (She shared a sandwich with me about 1.5 hr ago.) After feeding her half of the portion of porridge I brought along, she wanted to have milk. So we went to the nursing room.

Comparing Fidgets with the two indoor playgrounds (here and here) I have brought Yvette, I don’t find the playground for the older kid is challenging, perhaps the height. But it was really spacious. I do like the Little Fidgets’ corner for the younger toddler like Yvette. Cosy! I love the nursing room, simple and neat. I like the toilet too. Spacious and clean. The eating area is very spacious as well. No wonder they name themselves as Singapore’s largest indoor soft play structure for children from 0-10 years. It’s indeed large and spacious.

Turf City4

The interior

Turf City5

The cafe

Turf City2

For collages2

Turf City1

We didn’t play much. This trip was really for feeding and resting purpose. (There was no nursing room in Turf City and I only found out the coffee shop after I left Fidgets.)

I almost lost when I am getting out of Fidgets. I just couldn’t find the way out. I took the escalator and went up to Fidget again. But well this round I came down with another two mummies and overhead they mentioned about Giant. So Fidgets was near to Giant? I managed to locate Giant and walked toward the bus-stop stand for the shuttle bus service. I was just in time to catch the 3.00 pm shuttle bus and headed home.

P/S: The shuttle bus timing is very reliable. So it will easy for me to estimate my travelling time.

2 thoughts on “Our First Trip to Turf City

  1. Hmmm… I can go to turf city next time with Jacob then. Especially when my no.2 starts school nearby. 😉 I drive, so quite convenient too.

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