Yvette’s Socialization Encounter

The initial intention of sending Yvette to enrichment school is to let her get use of classroom environment, get her to socialize and eventually I could send her to child care. (So I could join back the work force.) Unfortunately that was not going to materialize; I know I can continue to dream on it. Yvette hardly moved around herself in class although she could play with her classmate during the indoor playground play where I have to sit near to them. So anything she learns in school will a bonus to us.

We went to Popular Book Shop after dinner to get some home office equipment and buy some stationery. Yvette will get very excited when she was in the mall, this round was no exception.

Hubby and I have to take turn to shop and look after Yvette. Yvette will be wandering around in the mall and will usually mess up the books and stuffs.  So we have to clear the mess created by her and followed her closely in the mall.

While browsing some books, there a little girl caught Yvette attention. Yvette walked up to her and trying to approach her using her “undeveloped baby language”. (This is not the first time I saw Yvette trying to be friendly.) Initially this little girl wasn’t friendly to her. She walked away when Yvette trying to approach her. But Yvette persisted and usually will “chase” after her. Sometimes she will go disappear and suddenly reappeared in front of us from time to time.

"Hide & Seek"?

"Hide & Seek"?

I guess it must be thrilling to Yvette. (Is like playing Hide and Seek?) When she appeared, Yvette will get very excited and will try to get near to her. After a few tries, the little girl was still not getting any friendlier. I tried to stop Yvette being friendly and pulled Yvette away from her.

While Hubby was making payment for our purchase, this girl appeared again. This round, her attitude changed. She was trying to hold Yvette also. The “friendship” blossomed without communication? I asked Yvette to call her “Jie Jie” and she did it very willingly. The little girl gently touched Yvette’s head and pinched her cheek too. Awww… so sweet! I took a clip on how both of them exchange their embraces but unfortunately I missed that part when Yvette greeted the little girl, “Jie Jie”.

So my Yvette knows how to socialize?

Socialization is one of the skills to prepare our child for pre-school and Yvette had did it so well.

Both of us were quite impressed over what Yvette had just accomplished. We left Popular Store with a BIG smile.


3 thoughts on “Yvette’s Socialization Encounter

  1. This is similar to the first attempt by my 15 mths boy to socialise. It was also with an older girl (about 25 months). She was running around the hawker centre and he followed her and would play pat-the-table with her and smile at her. From then, I find that he socialises better with slightly older children. Is it the same with Yvette?

  2. Hmmm…. Yvette seems to like older kid too. So far I only see her approaching toddler, not baby.

    But when I see baby, I am excited. I always bring Yvette over to say “Hi” to baby. And at the same time, I can stroke the baby.

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