We Hit The Pool Together, Just Two of US

Yes, I finally made it to bring Yvette to public pool myself.

It’s never easy to bring a baby/toddler to public pool alone. Bathing and changing can be a challenge.

We didn’t stay for long. It was around 11 plus when we were in the pool when the sun is rising high. I practiced those cues we learnt from the last swimming lesson and Yvette seemed to be able to pick up confidently. But Yvette still didn’t like the idea of water running down onto her head. She griped hold onto me when I walked into the “little mushroom” of running water in the middle of the pool.

TPY pool was renovated due to the Youth Game. I like the newly renovated changing room. I did take some pictures but I have misplaced my phone cable during packing. So this entry only record the “special” moment of my day with no picture. (I left the camera at home.)


6 thoughts on “We Hit The Pool Together, Just Two of US

  1. I don’t bother changing or bathing. ;p I would generally wear a dark blue denim shorts and a black slightly loose t-shirt so can’t see that it might be a little damp.

    I dry myself w towel, and while i am changing the toddler, i sit on the towel so at least i am not that wet when i put my clothes back on. I shower rinse baby while outside at the pool showers so later i just put back clothes. Any bathing gets done at home later.

  2. Sam,

    I didn’t have chance to bath too but I will at least rinse myself. But I guess it will not be easy for me to do so during the lesson.

    I think I can try to adopt your method. Thanks for sharing.

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