Our Library Trip (16)

I can’t remember when our last library trip together till I did a search on my blog. It has been a while we have not visited the library. Hubby need to work today so I brought Yvette to the library alone.

I notice a little different in behaviour from Yvette in the library. Now, she was not so keen in messing with book, she started to climb up to the chair, table and bench. So now she is treating library as playground? She didn’t scream nor shout, she just climbed and climbed. And sometimes she did sit on my lap to allow me to read some books she picked on the shelves to her.

One main purpose to the library was to find the Paddington Bear series. I read this book at the library in JG Evan and like it a lot. But I just couldn’t find them in the national library. But this trip wasn’t a waste trip either.

I borrowed 6 books for Yvette and they are:

  • I Spy the Sun in the Sky written by Stella Blackstone, illustrated by Nicoletta Ceccoli (Love this book)
  • Spot’s Birthday Party by Eric Hill (A flip book, Our long time favourite)
  • Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See by Bill Martin Jr / Eric Carle
  • Wild Boars Cook by Meg Rosoff and Sophie Blackall (This book was spotted by Yvette.)
  • The Selfish Crocodile ~Book of Nursery Rhymes~ by Faustin Charles, illustrated by Michael Terry (This book comes with a CD.)
  • Baby Face ~A Book of Love for Baby~ by Cynthia Rylant, illustrated by Diane Goode

I Spy the Sun in the Sky is similar to The Napping House and Wild Boars Cook is similar to We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. (I will do some book review in another blog of mine.)

The last two books were found under the Poetry section. I find them interesting. Here is one Rhyme from The Selfish Crocodile to share:

Rock-a-bye birdie on the treetop,
When the wind blows the nest will rock;
When the branch breaks then nest will fall,
And down will come birdie, nest and all.

Books we borrowed

Books we borrowed

We headed home when the rain stopped. I dropped by to the market to buy soya bean drink for Yvette. Along our way, she wanted to carry the drink and once we reached home she urged me to pour her the drink for her. See how much she LOVES soya bean drink. (I always ask for less sugar.)

Yvette Love Soya bean Drink (How I wish that is Formula milk)

Yvette Love Soya bean Drink (How I wish that is Formula milk)


7 thoughts on “Our Library Trip (16)

  1. Ah, JR loves milk. Why bother if it’s formula milk, by the way? Any fresh milk can, since they are over 1 year old. We just pour from the milk carton in the fridge. Must be full-cream milk for kids though.

  2. My 2 older boys will have nothing to do with cow’s milk. So, well, it really doesn’t matter. I was surprised that the baby is ok with it.

  3. oh, of course I know that. My no.3, when he was given a small cup of chocolate milk by th Dumex promoter at an exhibition once (I think he was 2?) – I told him it was like “Milo”, he sipped a bit then spat it right out, right in front of the promoter, and declared “Mommy, it’s yucky! It’s not like Milo!”.

  4. @_@

    U try to cheat him har…. Anyway, Yvette sometimes when her mood is good, if people happen to offer her chocolate milk, she will drink. I guess it is sweet.

    Oh well, at least I have tried introduce her milk several time, I still have a tin of Gain IQ at home. Think have to give away for free.

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