Odds and Ends of Our Everyday Life – 24th Oct 2009

Snippets #4 of 1

Hubby told me yesterday Yvette followed us greeted my FIL – Pa!

Shock!!! 没大没小!

Arr but she also greets him YeYe. (Usually I will greet my FIL, Pa then follow by greeting him YeYe. So Yvette will follow; but without a Pa.)

Hmmm, how to stop her?


Snippets #4 of 2


I received a letter from NLB but addressing to Yvette. I was wondering what this letter for before opening. (Could we win any draw?)

Upon opening, it was a letter to remind me on an outstanding fine that I need to pay.

Haiz. Another oversight!


Snippets #4 of 3

We went down Plaza Sing for dinner and do some shopping. While we were eating, there was a little girl crying loudly behind us. (Non-stop) Her mum went off without taking her along. But she was secretly watching over her at far end. They have invited many stares.

I almost wanted to walk over to help the girl up but I never.

But if I am her mum, I will definitely not leave without her. I know she is embarrassing me but it won’t stop her from crying if I leave her there. Many eyes were looking at her, leaving her there will not help. It will only let her cry longer. I left and never wait till the whole episode was over.

I wonder what the ending was.


Snippets #4 of 4

I bumped into Vincent, Catherine and Darius from Our Baby of Love at Times Bookstore. Nice meeting your family!


Snippets #4 of 5

I read this article – Promoting Math Learning in Children before I sleep.


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