I’m Into Toy Hunt

We have not brought any toy for Yvette after her first birthday. If I could recall, the last toy we brought for her is the wooden puzzle that she is still playing since July. Since the renovation is over, now I could shift back my energy on sourcing toy for my little one.

As she is older and more independent, her hands are more coordinated too, she loves explore. She loves to find out what is behind the door, drawer, bag, etc. She likes to open and shut, play kitchens with knobs and doors. She loves to open my bag and dig my belonging.

According to Baby Center, we can buy the following toys for baby from 12 to 24 months:

  • Large Building Bricks
  • Push and pull toys
  • Sorting and nesting toys
  • Climbing gym
  • Balls
  • Washable crayons and paper
  • Ride-on vehicles
  • Tool bench or toy kitchen
  • Picture books
  • Plastic tea set or playhouse
  • Large and small blocks
  • Toy instruments
  • Puzzles
  • Illustrated books and cassette tapes
  • Train sets

(Source: Toys for 12 to 18 mths & Toys for 18 to 24 mths)

I have exposed Yvette to most of them above but yet to the large and small blocks and the train sets. While doing my online shopping in Singapore Motherhood Forum, and I found this thread – Spree for ELC Wooden Bricks. I think this is a very good deal as I have been searching this toy for long.

We also brought 3 other toys recently. And they are Playskool Clipo Figure Bucket, Threading Chunky Shapes and ABC Alphabet knob puzzle.

We chanced up this Playskool 50 pieces Clipo Figure Bucket when we went down to Toy R Us one evening after dinner. I supposed to search for the wooden brick, but could get one I like. We moved to another section and we saw this and we liked it. Its colourful and unique peg-covered shapes attracted me so much. The 50 pieces and can provide more variation for Yvette to perform her building skills and creativity. And I think my hubby was as creative too. He built two guns using this toy. We used that and pretend to shoot at each other, making the gun shooting sound too. Yvette was so excited seeing us playing this toy.


Hubby made two guns. I wonder why he only took a pic for one.

Hubby made two guns. I wonder why he only took a pic for one.

I brought The Threading Chunky Shapes from Twinkle Thinkers in Forum The Shopping Mall. I chanced up this toy when I was reading this blog, Littlesheep Learning. As I was looking for toys for fine motor skill, this post caught my attention. I did a Google search and found this company, Edushape has the same toy but less expensive. However, they did not sell their toy to customer like us; they only sell to Toy Company. I tried my luck after Yvette class and found out Twinkle Thinkers carries some toy from this company. I was so happy to find it. Even though this toy is meant for kid above three, but I think I could use it to teach Yvette colours and shapes instead of lacing. I am still keen to get Snap beads even though Yvette has the chance to play with it at JGC.

One lace is included in the toy

Only ONE lace is included in the toy

And the ABC Alphabet knob puzzle, I brought it from Shaun the Baby at Sembawang Shopping Centre during the last outing last Friday. This might be a little tough for Yvette, but I will like to use it as matching game, colour and shapes too.

For collages1

We also created a little corner in the living hall and set up the easel from IKEA for Yvette to scribble a drawing. Let’s hope Yvette will only draw on this board and I will not have problem wiping off the paint on the wall and floor.

Yvette Learning Corner @ Home

Yvette's Learning Corner @ Home

I am still looking for a nice Kitchen Set and Train set. But I won’t be getting Thomas and Train, they are just too expensive.

P/S: Finally I manage to upload the clip on Yvette master inserting key into the key hole which was one of her achievement last month.


4 thoughts on “I’m Into Toy Hunt

  1. we’ve got that clipo toy – JR got that for his birthday, one of the very few presents he received.

    But he’s really much happier with balls(big & small), books, and cars, & buses, and even building blocks are simply fine.

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