I Sneaked Out For Sales

I will expect Yvette will be feeling weary due to her health but she remained active, or I would say super active. Yvette didn’t take her usual nap by 2 pm. I managed to put her to sleep only at 5 pm in the evening. @_@


I sneaked out of the house for Toyogo Sales at Toa Payoh Industrial Park. Today was the last day of the sales. As we have just renovated the house, I need some storage box to organise our stuffs.

We were actually there in the noon but we have to left without getting anything because Yvette passed out watery stool and wet her pant. We need to go back home as I did not bring any additional clothing for Yvette.

After Yvette was asleep, we decided hubby to stay at home to look after Yvette as hubby had also caught the virus as well.

This is not the first time I sneaked out of the house when Yvette was sleeping. But my heart was heavier this round. I felt there was a need to rush home as soon as possible. And so, I didn’t shop in PEACE. My heart was actually at home.

I didn’t really get what I plan to buy. I need to check the measurement of the storage box one by one and I really don’t have the time for it. I brought something that I did not plan to and it ended well.

I quickly hopped into the cab and headed home after making payment. When I was outside home, I heard Nursery rhymes from the background and I knew Yvette was awake. Once I opened the gate, hubby was carrying Yvette and tear was on her little face. I carried Yvette into my arm and give her my warmest kiss and tightest hug.

P/S:  I checked with the staff about the frequency of the sales. The staff told me the turnaround time for Toyogo Sales is every 3 months (average). So I will have to wait for the next sales to buy my storage box.


4 thoughts on “I Sneaked Out For Sales

  1. it’s not sneak-out lah. Your hubby there. Wah, I wouldn’t have your willpower. If I need the boxes, I’d just buy them. I can’t *wait* to organise if I just so happen to need to organise.

  2. heee… hubby cant manage our little baby.

    Haha… as for my willpower, it is so happen the sales crashes in. We didn’t wait for it. We have brought so many storage boxes from IKEA and Daiso.

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