Virus in the Air

The last 24 hours were horrible experience for both of us.

Last night, Yvette didn’t behave normally during dinner time. We were out for dinner, and she didn’t have any appetite to eat. Instead of eating, she thrown out some of the food that I managed to feed her onto me. I have never seen her vomit before. We quickly cleared up the mess and I quickly finished my food and proceeded to Shop and Save to grab some grocery.

At Shop and Save, Yvette vomited again. This time was even more than the first time. Besides cleaning up Yvette, we cleared away the mess on the floor too. (We were surprise no one was there to clean the floor at the supermarket and we felt it will be very irresponsible of us to walk away without clearing the mess.)

We quickly made payment and headed home to bathe Yvette.

After cleaning Yvette, we noticed she seemed to be unsettled after we had cleaned her. She vomited for the third times on the bed. Luckily she thrown onto me, the mess was manageable.

We managed to pacify her to sleep. After 20 mins of her sleep, she woke up and vomited again. She kept vomit again and again till we lost count of how many times she actually thrown out.

Poor girl!

She cried every time she vomited and she will smile after the whole episode was over.

As we never experience “the vomiting affair” before, we don’t have any medication at home to relief Yvette. We applied Ru Yee You (medicated oil) to clear the wind inside Yvette’s stomach. It indeed help to relief Yvette and this had made her thrown out all everything inside her little stomach even water.

There are two types of Ru Yee You, the right is for kid

There are two types of Ru Yee You, the right is for kid

The next day morning, Yvette vomited once and passed out watery stool 3 times before we brought her to the clinic. (It was PH today and the clinic open at 1 pm.)

We told doctor  how was Yvette’s condition since last night and the Doctor confirmed she was down with stomach flu virus and warned us to be very careful. This virus is contagious and easily passed via saliva and even transmitted through air. I requested Doctor to give us some Oral Electrolyte Maintenance solution. (I was chatting with another mum in the clinic before our turn to see the doctor. She advised me to ask doctor for it as her son and even she had just recovered from the stomach flu virus attack. This is to replace mineral and sodium lost thru vomiting and diarrhoea as the child will not be eating well to have it replace immediately.)

Yvette was given 3 types of medicine,

  • Medrinate Syr25 (Dimenhydrinate)
  • Dhacopan syr 5mg/5ml (Hyoscine)
  • Hexbio (Probiotic)

And the doctor gave us Oral Electrolyte Maintenance Solution for free.


Oral Electrolyte Maintenance Solution

Yvette's medication

Yvette's medication

We always discuss among ourselves whenever our child was sick. We try to avoid making the same mistakes again. We listed down the possible reasons this round;

  • The junked food she had eaten?
  • She sipped the water during the play?
  • She caught the virus when I changed her after the water play?

Actually the above were part of it, and the main reason that her immunity system was down  mainly due to our recent renovation. The last 4 weeks, Yvette wasn’t receiving the best care I could provide to her. Sometimes, her meal and nap time were compromised due to renovation. We did not have our daily walk (Monday, Wednesday and Friday and weekend) to the market and doing some workout in the playground too. I was always in the rush to get thing done too and neglected her need.

The vomiting had stop after the last round in the morning but the diarrhoea didn’t seem to go away. She still had watery stool. She is definitely not eating much. Let’s hope she will be better soon.

P/S: Yvette remained active even though she was sick. She was smiling a lot too. To me, she is really sensible. She put up a brave front and not giving us a weak Yvette during this period. She could even climb down the bed to get her own bottle to drink in the middle of the night. She took plenty of initiative this round to hydrate herself.  Yvette, mummy is so proud of you and I am sorry that I did not take good care of you for the past 4 weeks.


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