The Missing Yvette

I have something to confess……

Her new water bottle

Her new water bottle

I realized when we were out for the whole day; Yvette could finish her bottle of water. So I headed Kiddy Palace near my home to get her a bigger water bottle.

Yvette love to explore in the mall. I always let her down and try to shop within an eye distance away from her. But today…. While I was clearing the mess she had created, I LOST her.

My world almost collapses!!!

I searched HIGH and LOW in the toy department for her. (Kiddy Palace in TPY is break down to 3 sections. We were in the toy department.) BUT I just couldn’t find her. My HEART was racing and I started to panic. I felt my throat was choked, my body shiver and I couldn’t even breathe. I dashed out of the toy department and try to search for her.

A kind lady could tell from my action that I am looking for my child; she signed to me and told me a little girl had walked across the toy department toward the section opposite.

As I walked into the department and saw Yvette was trying to walk back to the toy department. I quickly grasped hold of Yvette and the tear welled up in my eyes rolled down on my face.

This is so SCARY.


5 thoughts on “The Missing Yvette

  1. OMG, thats very scary.

    This is also one of the reason why I put Chloe on harness (even though I get nasty stares). Chloe is very independent and will roam everywhere without sense of fear, harness give me a sense of security I need.

  2. Sam,

    At Bintan!!!! That is even more scary.


    My BIL suggested (harness) to me too.

    I never expect Yvette get sooooo comfortable in Kiddy Palace that we always go. She knows some of the cashier and sales personnel there too.

  3. Yea, i dunno how husb can do that (??!!!!). Luckily, my boy was already 6yo. He stood at one of the lift lobbies n studied the people there. Many people approached him bc he was sobbing away but he refused to talk to them(all those “angmohs”), then he saw a family w kids that looked like singaporean, n he actually asked them to help him find his room(he remembered the room number). Well, thats what the lady told us – we took the same ferry back.

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