Yvette is 1 Year 5 Months (17 mths) Exactly


Yeah. She is finally one month away from 18 mths and it is time for more structure learning at home too.

Physically (Movement)

She weights 9.5 kg in the result of eating like pig for this month. The estimated height for Yvette is 79 cm. And her feet are 12 cm now.

She walks more now but lack of sense of direction. She loves walking in circle and making us spins. She wanders a lot too especially in the mall and bookstore like Popular. I am very happy with her progress over her walking even though she still can’t walk very well. I feel she has plenty of her time to walk unaided.

She is trying to learn the thumb up sign and “I love you” sign. She will raise her index finger up to the air indicating that as a thumb up sign. She will put both her index finger at her eye and say “I”. (This is different “I” she is referring to when she pointed at her chest when we asked her “What is your name?”) Sometimes her index finger is up in the air to indicate as number one.

Behaviour (Mentally)

This behaviour really makes me jealous. Yvette hardly greets me in the morning. Whenever hubby is sleeping next to her in the morning when she opens her eye, she will greet her father “ba-ba” (Father) in Cantonese when she know how to utter “ba-ba” when she was 9 mths old.

She loves water even more ever since she turns one. And starting from this month, I let her have 10 minutes of water play in the bath room with many small little bucket of water after I bathe her. I plan to let her have paint play soon. (She loves it so much. She always shows eagerness when playing the paint in school.)

She never kick any fuss when we need to pull her away in the midst of activity by telling her “Bye Bye toy” “Bye bye water” etc. She will wave good bye to those things willingly too.

She starts to keep the toy away with me after practicing with her for months. I like the idea taught in JGC. Whenever we need to keep the toys, we will sing the “Clean Up” song. We sing this song at home too when we putting her toys away. I brought her to one school open house recently. She helped to keep the toys away after me telling her “bye bye toy.” She immediately put those toys away without hesitation. I am so proud of her.

She could insert a key into a keyhole after seeing me doing it once. (This activity can keep her occupy for more than 15 mins.)

She likes to coquet. From time to time she will fly her kisses over to us. When we were angry with her, she know how to turn the table around by calling us papa & mama in affection way. This usually will melt our heart and wash our anger out of our mind immediately.

She started to hide thing. Sometimes I need to search high and low for it.

She knows how to play “trick” on us. She will pretend of wanting to pass us the things she processed. She will laugh loudly when she “saw when we are being trick by her.”

She could remind me to give her a dose of her multi-vitamin by pointing to the fridge if I have forgotten to give it to her on a daily basis. (I think she treat that as her daily dose of sweet.)

I don’t where she get to learn this. Yvette learns the most primitive way of wiping her mouth during or after meal. She will use her arm and wipe off the residue over her mouth. Arrr… so dirty!!!

Potty Training

I think I am lax over Potty Training. I belong to the group who believe in EC-ing as well as wait till they are ready. So I am in the middle. (Haha)

Not much progress for potty training for the first three weeks of last month except the last week before she turned 17 mths was good. We were able to reconnect again. I manage to establish the morning pee and afternoon nap pee but night pee is still not possible. She will point to the toilet if she wants to pee or she will touch her bottom as indicating a sign to need to pee. Now I let her pee into the toilet bowl instead of the sink though she still prefers the sink. But she hardly do it herself, it always me carrying her to do so.

I can’t get her to poop now. Most of the time I miss it and she can poop 2 to 3 times a day. I didn’t train her to poop in the morning as I believe she should have her own bowel movement. She will set her own timing and I am happy to follow suit despite there will be a lot of clean-up work for me.

One good sign is, she can remain dry for 2 to 3 hours nap and sometimes she could remain dry for the whole night. This month there were two nights she is dry thru out the night. I wonder why.

Vocal development

She understands pull & push, up & down, throws and pours; she could associate them with action. She could utter those words when I do those actions, especially throw and pour.

She knows what are ear, nose, mouth, eye & head. And she could pronounce nose and eye accurately.

She knows cow moo, horse neigh, dog woof, pig oink, sheep baa, duck quack, chicken chick, but not cat meow. And could make those sound after me. (Credit goes to Spot Goes to the Farm.)

Words like no, bear, book, fish, water (she pronounces as ater), hello, throw, pour, bye bye, book, hot, open, star, chop-chop, shoe, ball, bread, egg,car, bus, train, one, two, “A”, papa, mama, da-da, mummy, yeye, jiejie, yiyi, meimei, baobao(carry), nainai (milk) Yummy. Chinese vocabulary will be 不要,花,没有了,妹妹,爸爸,蛋。 (Out of sudden, I start to speak mandarin with her when she turned 14 mths. Actually I do wish I could communicate with her in Cantonese, but my Cantonese is half plus six.)

Those are the words I hear from her day to day.

Her favourite word expression is still oh-oh. She picked up this word when she was only 8 mths old. She will utter this word when thing is drop on the floor or something goes wrong.

She does have new vocabulary added every month but I find recording her vocabulary is hard. I don’t have the habit of record it down immediately once she utter after us and always tend to forget when I’m trying to record them. And also, sometimes she speaks the words “by chance” and she doesn’t utter it anymore. Words she could utter after us will be “chow-chow”, “pat-pat”, bread, bathe, etc.

Still there are words she mispronounces; water, she will utter ater, w is missing. And she calls herself, Yi-neh… This is soooo funny!!!


She still drools a lot last month and bites herself too. I don’t know why.


I am happy that she could sit on the high chair to have meal now. (Still, not all her meal I could get her sits throughout.) I couldn’t get her to sit on the high chair when she was much younger. I thought I couldn’t develop this habit with her. I am glad I keep trying to practice this good habit with her.

I realised she is eating more after her teething fever. She is having 80% vegetarian diet for lunch. And I am using Bragg Liquid Aminos All Natural (All purpose seasoning) for her lunch and our dishes for dinner. This is a Soy Protein contains no preservatives and Gluten Free. Unfortunately she doesn’t like brown rice as whole. So I mix the brown rice with the whole grain rice for our staple food. And she does have some favourite food too.

Red fruits & vegetables – strawberry, tomato, watermelon, grapes.

Orange fruits & vegetables – Carrots, oranges, melon, nectarines, peaches, papaya.

Yellow fruits & vegetables – Banana, sweetcorn.

Green fruits & vegetables – Broccoli, cabbage, peas, pears, spinach, grapes.

Purple fruits & vegetables – Plums, grapes.

She loves all kind of soups cook (no salt added) by me. I am planning to learn those westernise soup to cook for Yvette too.

Emotions (Tantrum)

She lies on the floor and cry if she doesn’t get what she wants. I think we are going to face this embarrassment in the mall soon. I always try to avoid this situation by pulling her away as I can sense she is going to throw tantrum.

Last Sunday, when we were shopping at Daiso, she threw tantrum at me when she couldn’t get what she wants. She pulled my clothes, my hair and even hit me. (Very naughty girl.) I HAVE to react very cool when she did that to me. I only gazed at her. (We were in the mall; I can’t be scolding her on top of my voice?) And I am very surprised after she was calmed down, she showed signs she was wrong. She talked to me, hugged me, touched me and even planted kisses on me.

She also started to test our limit too. Sometimes when we ask her not to repeat her nonsense behaviour, she will try doing that again to see our reaction.

No doubt, she has a fiery temper. -.-


2 thoughts on “Yvette is 1 Year 5 Months (17 mths) Exactly

  1. I’m going to make you jealous. *haha* JR could call me “Ma-my” many months ago. Oh, and he could say “I want milk” from around 2-3 months old. Told you – I’m blowing my horn. *HAHAHAH*

    • errr… she uttered mama first at 6 mths but she just doesn’t greet me in the morning especially when papa is around.

      Anyway… your baby really Li-hai… :D:D:D

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