Yvette’s Walking Curve

Yvette was an average walker. She took her first step somewhere in the middle of her 14 mths. She had been walking for about 2.5 mths.

She never needs to walk with her hands in the air. Her hands are most of the time near her chest level. She doesn’t have preference on where to walk. Sometimes she walks round and round in circle. She doesn’t really have much desire to walk too. But she always got herself very excited when she is in the playground and the mall especially bookstores like Popular and Times. She could walk backward. She likes to practice walking up stairs. Sometimes she will try to do it without support but fail totally.

Today we let her walk up the slope right outside our block. She did pivot as she walks but she didn’t fall. Sometimes I was really amazed how our child could “walk” and every time I learn that an easy task for us is a difficult mission for them.


2 thoughts on “Yvette’s Walking Curve

  1. Now you should take a video of her walking DOWN the slope. *haha*
    I took a video of my son walking down the pathway to our house (but he was so tiny bc i took the video from the 4th floor! *haha* And then halfway he decided to go to the swimming pool. ;P

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