It’s Getting Boring and Tiring

Our renovation is coming to an end, finally!

For the past three weeks, our life evolutes with nothing else but cleaning. We clean, we shift, and we re-arrange our stuffs almost every day. I am jaded anyway, so is my husband. But I feel the worst person hit is no else but Yvette.

She can’t be herself.

For the first week, we need to go to my SIL’s place as major hacking and tearing of work were done. Follow by the second week and third week; hubby needs to go back to office where I have to stay at home to supervise the renovation work. When the work in progress became too noisy or dusty, we are always needed to hide in the bedroom. (Our bedroom is the only room that is not affected at all. It’s was treated as temporary store room only.)

Yvette was very happy to go to my SIL’s place where she will have another playmate who was my niece to play with her besides me. But at home, Yvette doesn’t have much access to her toys and books. Most of her toys and books were packed in the box. I only packed some of her toys in a toy box for her daily play.

I can’t go market with Yvette. Usually I will go market myself with Yvette on Tuesday and Friday. And Yvette will get a chance to play in the playground and do some “running” on our way to market.

I can’t go and buy grocery as and when I like. Yvette missed her daily dose of fun in another playground just opposite my house.

I can’t go out with Yvette after class as and when I like. I got to rush back for renovation contractor to come in.

I can’t play with Yvette much too. Not much area for her to move around. Plenty of restriction at home.

But still we manage to do something interesting out of the constraint.

Yvette learns to do more house chores.

  • She could now split the long bean into small pieces. (Although the length of the bean is not consistent.)
  • She could separate the leafy vegetable and stem into different bowl for me.
  • She could peel off the skin of the garlic for me. (I am really scares she will put it into her mouth.)
  • Sometimes if the packet of trash is light, I will let her hold onto it and carry her to the rubbish chute to throw. If not I will be the one holding onto it and then we will throw away the garbage together.
  • Remember she could mop? Now whenever I need to wipe the floor I will also pass her a piece of cloth so that she could wipe with me.

Besides learning those new chores, we are playing some non-conventional toy too. This round we are playing the colour plates, bowls and cups from IKEA. I will place the plate on the floor and she is supposed to match the plate with the same colour of bowls and cups. She always got 100% right for the first round (either bowl or cup). But she only will get 45% right for the second round. I want to buy the spoon and the fork too. I will also want to label the “toys” (such as their colour and their name, eg, bowl, cup, plate, fork & spoon) when the printer is up. So that she can learn the word associated to it as she plays.


And hubby took  a picture of her yesterday.



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