Yvette is a Pig and Not a Rat for Now

For the past one week, I noticed Yvette’s food intake had increased. She was perpetually eating and eating. (My two nieces, my hubby and even myself could find a difference when we carry her.)

Eating breakfast is still a bit of struggle but after breakfast, she will nibble some food from her YeYe’s plate. After that she will ask for milk. Then an hour later she will take her lunch. Before her nap, she asks for milk again.

After two hour to three hour nap, she wake up and I will give her some snack and fruit juice. (If YeYe snack, she will ask for it as well.) The one hour before dinner, she will ask for bread or milk. Dinner she could finish a big bowl of rice and half a bowl of soup.

After dinner, sometimes she wants milk too.

Is this an increase in her appetite or a passing phase? If it is a passing phase, please don’t go away too soon. I love to see her eating more.


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