Another Typical Sunday Morning

Besides heading to the Lor 4 market to have breakfast then followed by Library Trip. We went to Lor 1 market to have breakfast too. Usually I will buy our weekly food in this market. I find the hawker in this market is friendlier than what I face in Lor 4. Down our way we will see this parrot if we passed by the furniture shop.

Today Daddy attempted to talk to parrot. It was soooo funny. And Yvette was soooo happy after seeing the bird and the human can communicate!!!

Sunday Together new

P/S: The wording is too small.

It goes in a sequence for the left to the right and from top to the bottom:

Picture 1: Daddy attempts to talk to parrot

Picture 2: Daddy whistle to the parrot

Picture 3: Yvette wait

Picture 4: Parrot respond

On our way home, we will take different route and will definitely pass by this playground. Yvette is familiar with this playground. I always let her play for more than 15 mins when I go to buy grocery at Ang Mo Supermarket opposite my home. (It’s like everyday affair expect for the past 2 weeks as we are so busy with the renovation.)

Yvette run, having fun

Yvette run, having fun


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