Teck Ghee Lantern Night

We received free tickets for the above event. However due to the weather and the renovation work ended late today, we didn’t attend the full event.

We left home around 7.30 pm and reached my SIL’s place at Bishan. It’s still drizzling when we left home. We lazed around my SIL’s place before we headed to Bishan Park 2. It’s a 25 mins walk to destination. (This event is held at the “Dog Run” @ Park 2)

Down our way, we saw many families having fun playing with candles, “fire-cracker”, and even fire. Many families walked with their kids with lanterns too. We are one of them as well. But Yvette wasn’t keen in carrying them. She always passed back to me when I handed over the lantern to her.


Yvette wanted to walk by herself too. Due to rain, the floor was really slippery. She was trying to walk on wet floor with great effort. We ended up carrying her. We didn’t want her to fall down.

We finally reached our destination and collected 3 goodies bag. We didn’t bring it home as it was with my niece’s boyfriend and he didn’t join us for supper later.

Happy Yvette

Happy Yvette

While we were happily having our supper near my BIL’s house, Yvette was happily walking too. She walked from one table to another table and eventually walked out of the coffee shop. As I was walking holding her hand while she walked, we bumped into her Achilles heel; that was my elder brother in law. She quickly turned her body and clingy to me. (Since she was a baby, she was really scared of my BIL. We don’t know was the reason was behind. And my BIL is one of the noble father (to me at least) in this world.)

Grumpy Yvette

Grumpy Yvette

It was naturally my BIL and with his two daughters will sit with us on the same table. While we were busying chatting and eating; Yvette on another hand, was peeking at my BIL. Her grumpy face eventually turned into crying face after 5 mins. I wasn’t looking at her. My niece who was sitting opposite us saw the change of her face expression. It was soooo drama.

With this, my BIL got to leave the table and went back home. Aiya… I feel so bad. But this is the only choice or we leaving to pacify Yvette. 😦


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