Fisherman’s Friend

Our foe for now?

Our foe for now?

We are fans of Fisherman’s Friend and usually we will buy and eat them as a sweet (not lozenges.) But that usually last us for about a week for hubby and it will last me for 2-3 weeks.

Curiosity kills the cat.

Yvette had been eyeing “this” for long. We always have to turn away when we were eating them.

Today, hubby finally couldn’t hold onto his willpower anymore. Yvette was carried in hubby’s arm and she kept pointing at the packet of Fisherman’s Friend within her sight. Hubby took one piece of Fisherman’s Friend out for himself but decided to let the “persistent’ girl have a sip too. One sip turned out to be many sips….. and worse to come was, the girl unexpectedly bit off the sweet from hubby and have it all to herself! She kept the sweet in her mouth and swallowed it!!!


Luckily she was not choked. Hubby was stunned and dumbstruck. I hope this will never happen again.


P/S: Fisherman’s Friend is not recommended for children below 5.


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