Yvette used to be a cat & light-sleeper but now she can really sleep very long hour daily. During the night time, we will be in our bedroom since 9 or 9.30 pm and she will sleep around 10 to 10.30 pm and wake up at 8.30 to 9.00 am daily. (Around 10 to 11 hours of sleeping time.) In the day time, she usually will nap 2 to 3 hours. If she naps shorter than what she does daily she will become cranky. (Sometimes she could nap for 3.5 hours too.) Typically she will sleep 12 to 16 hours daily. 2 hours more than a average.

Yvette belongs to the category if she rest well during the day time, the night will be a breeze for us. And I regard day-time nap is very important of part of her growth. Parents sometimes make the mistake of thinking that keeping a child up will make him or her sleepier for bedtime. In fact, though, kids can have a harder time sleeping if they’re overtired. This is very truth. Yvette will resist to sleep in the night time when she miss her afternoon nap or she only nap for an hour.

Although some expert claimed too much sleep affect our child too. So far, this problem doesn’t hit us yet.

We have been co-sleeping on the family bed since Yvette was a baby. As we don’t smoke, the only danger I could foresee when Yvette was younger is we might roll over during our sleep could inadvertently crush and/or suffocate our child. However there are plenty of advantages for the parents and baby when we co-sleep together.

Because I am still breasting, I choose to co-sleep.

Because I like to touch and smell Yvette before my sleep, I choose to co-sleep.

Because I feel it will be faster for me to calm Yvette down when she’s having night-mare, I choose to co-sleep.

Our renovation work is about 40% to 50% done. This week is the week for the carpentry work and Yvette room will be up and ready. We don’t have any plan to let Yvette to sleep on her own yet. (We feel it is not necessary.) Yvette will continue to sleep with us as long as she wants.

Love to see my child is sound asleep

Love to see my child is sound asleep


6 thoughts on “(Co)-Sleep

  1. Eh, my no.3 slept with us until the baby no.4 was born, ok? 😉 But I loved it. So he slept with us on our bed for 9years 2.5mths, long after he stopped breastfeeding at 3.5yrs.

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