Yvette’s First Haircut

We shaved Yvette’s hair and turned Yvette into “Botak” when she was 4 mths old. At the moment of shaving her hair, she stayed calmed and didn’t make any fuss throughout. In fact, I guessed she wasn’t aware what was happening too. My niece was the one shaking the rattle in front of her. Her focus was much on the rattle then. (View the video attached and sees how calm Yvette was.)

Today we brought Yvette to salon for the first time. (It’s no longer easy for me to cut her hair myself. She always turn around when I doing the cut. I am really afraid my scissors will poke into her face or eye.)

The experience

As expected

Was horrible!!!

Look at her face!

Look at her face!

The moment she was sat on my lap on the chair in front of table, her face turned grumpy.

The moment the hair stylist start to cut her hair, she howled.

She didn’t stop howling even I sang to her. She just kept howling till the cut end. My poor girl!

Both were her first experience and it’s so different. And the cut at salon only cost us S$3.80.


8 thoughts on “Yvette’s First Haircut

  1. What a coincidence, I bought Chloe for haircut over the weekend too! $3.80 is very cheap. I paid $4.00 and that’s because the lady operate her business at home. If I go to my neighbourhood salon, it will cost me $8.

  2. She didn’t seem to move around much altho’ she was wailing away, huh?

    I’d be afraid if baby keeps shaking and such, and worse yet, climb off & start crawling/walking away!!!

    I didn’t get my daughter’s hair cut at the salon until she was 2+, I think?

  3. Lazymummy,

    I hop over your blog to see pic of your girl. Her hair indeed look neater now. For home salon, the cheaper I can get is S$5.


    How you manage to cut your girl hair till 2. Very very challenging leh.

  4. I cut Chloe’s fringe by myself, was trying to keep her hair long so I didn’t do anything abt the back till now. I have no problem in cutting the kids hair at home as long as there’s Barney.
    Went to salon to get a nicer shape which I have no confidence in doing myself.

    I brought our portable DVD player to the salon, it work wonders, both Chloe and my niece sat very still. Everything was over for both of them in less than 15 mins.

    Maybe you can try to download a video on Hp for Yvette if she enjoys cartoon for your next trip.

    • Thanks for your tips but I don’t let my child watch TV and her attention span on TV also short.

      We trying to keep Yvette’s hair short for now. Thus, need to chomp off those hair behind her head is very challenging at least for me.

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