A Warm MRT Ride to Harbour Front

I left home around 10 am with Yvette in the morning to Canon Service Centre located at Harbour Front. I took a MRT from Toa Payoh to Harbour Front Station. It’s a warm ride I never encounter.

I buy the idea everyone is paying the same fare and everyone need a seat in the train. I always stand at the corner of the train if the train is crowded. I hardly browse for seat from time to time unless I am very certain. (A seat normally will be available when in a situation where a lot of passenger alighting.)

The train is usually crowded in the morning. We didn’t get a seat when we board the train. When the train stopped at Novena station, one auntie tabbed at my shoulder telling me there was a seat. (I carry Yvette most of the time when I travel with her.) But it was rather far away from where I am standing and obviously we will have to give it a miss. Then another auntie saw I did not manage to get a seat. Before she alighted from the train, she tabbed an Indian lady who was sleeping at the priority seat. She woke up and saw me standing in front of her, without hesitation, she stood up and gave me her seat.

Honestly I was rather embarrassed when taking over her seat. I even told her it will be ok for her to continue sitting down. But still she offered her seat to me very willingly.

I am touched and impressed.


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