May’s First Birthday Party

We attended Yvette’s classmate birthday party this afternoon at Nassim Jade. This was the first party I attend in Condominium. It was held in the function room. May’s mum made the party really meaningful for the children to attend.

She rented an inflated indoor playground. She also engaged magician to entertain the kids. And she hired a paint brush artist too.

I can tell the kids are having great fun. Yvette was having a great fun too. She was playing the indoor playground initially. But it was getting crowded and I think it might not be safe for Yvette to play there.

The rented indoor playground

The rented indoor playground

We moved out to the pool. Yvette wanted to get in to the pool so much. I changed her to another outfit so that she could enjoy the water play. My niece and her boyfriend attended this party with me as hubby need to work today. While Yvette was having much fun, a mishap happened.

So much fun in the pool

So much fun in the pool

I spin my ankle and fall into the pool while trying to get Yvette from my niece’s hand. I had gotten myself two blue-black and a hurt ankle. The worst part is, the camera gotten into the pool for 5 seconds.

ARR!!! Our new camera! I really down with luck when I come in contact with water and camera. 😦

With that, I can’t take anymore picture.

I guess the fate of sending the camera to the repair centre is unavoidable. The blessing in disguise is, it is a new camera, and it is under warranty.

P/S: I think I can’t tell the truth to the service centre that my camera was inside the pool for 5 seconds. What will be the excuse I can give?


5 thoughts on “May’s First Birthday Party

  1. hopefully your camera is all dry inside & out by the time you bring it to the service center! Or else they would suspect what happen. Leave it out in the sun for all the vapour to evaporate (hopefully).

    How’s your ankle now?

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