Our Library Trip (15)

Our weekly trip to the library was called off last week due to our busy schedule over the coming renovation. Everything was packed in the house now. The renovation will start on this coming Tues and will be completed in 3 weeks. Both of us look forward to a “new” home.

As I brought a lot of books recently, so these trip we only borrowed two books. I found this new board book, Where is Baby by Sally Rippin, under the newly arrival corner and we renewed one book, 28 Good Night Stories by Brigitte Weninger & Eve Tharlet, that papa had been reading to Yvette for the past one week.


Papa loves this book a lot. But I hardly pay attention on what papa was reading to Yvette when I was “dozing off” while breastfeeding Yvette. However this story, “The Monster Mouse” he read tonight caught my attention.

I extract this story I like to share with everyone here:


The Monster Mouse by Brigitte Weninger

Fiona and Mama were walking through the department store. Suddenly Fiona saw something that shewas a stuffed mouse that could actually run and make a cute little “peep-peep” sound.

“Look, Mama,” said Fiona, “it’s just what I want.”

“That’s nice dear,” said Mama. “Let’s put that on your birthday wish list.”

“No,” said Fiona. “I want it now.”

“I don’t buy toys every time we go shopping,” said Mama firmly. “Now let’s go.”

But Fiona didn’t budge. When Mama went to the cashier, Fiona took the mouse off the shelf and put it in her pocket.

When they got home Fiona ran straight to her room. She took out the mouse and pushed its start button and let the mouse run all over the room. But its peep-peep voice was much too loud. What if Mama came to her room? Fiona quickly turned off the mouse and put it back in her pocket.

When Mama called her for lunch, Fiona was not hungry. She kept thinking she heard the “peep-peep.” She had to check. No, it was quite still, but Fiona had the feeling that the mouse had somehow gotten bigger, much bigger. It didn’t fit in her pocket anymore. The ears and tail were sticking out.

“I need a new hiding place for the mouse,” said Fiona. “But where? I’ve got it – in the toy-box!”

She cleaned out all the toys and put the not-so-little mouse in. But there was no longer room for all the other toys. She just left them where they were and ran out to the back yard. But swinging wasn’t any fun today. She kept thinking about the mouse. What if mama looked in the toy box? Fiona needed a better hiding place, maybe the closet!

And sure enough when Fiona was ready to move the mouse it had gotten even bigger. She had to pull out all her sweaters to make space for the mouse.

“This isn’t going to work either,” said Fiona. “I need a better hiding place.”

She took the mouse out of the closet and was thinking about a better hiding place when her mother came into the room. Fiona had just enough time to shove the mouse under the bed.

“It’s time for bed,” said her mother smiling. “You can clean your room up in the morning.” Fiona nodded and thought sadly that she would have to do it all alone, so that Mama wouldn’t find the mouse.

After mama had kissed her goodnight, Fiona was unable to sleep. She thought about playing with the mouse, but she really didn’t want to. Then… What was that? Help!

Did the bed just move? Had she felt a wiggle? Maybe the mouse was growing even bigger!

Perhaps it wasn’t a stuffed mouse after all, but a monster mouse that would grow as big as her room or as big as the house… Fiona jumped out of the bed and ran to her mother’s room.

“Mama, wake up! I have something to tell you!” cried Fiona.

Fiona was trembling and her mother held her tightly and listened as Fiona explained everything about the monster mouse.

“I’m glad you told me everything.” said Mama. “We’ll take care of it tomorrow. Now we should get some sleep.”

The next morning Fiona and Mama looked carefully under the bed.

“That’s funny,” said Fiona. “The mouse is little again. Why, he doesn’t even look scary. But you know what, Mama? I still want to take it back to the store.”

And with that, Mama gave Fiona a big hug and kiss!

With this, I hope Yvette will be Fiona when she is older.


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