Odds and Ends of Our Everyday Life – 19th Seot 2009

How many of us, parents found guilty feeding our child food we prepared at home in an area where you will see a signboard indicating “No outside food is allowed”?

I do, most of the time.

I feed Yvette almost everywhere. But I never experience shop owner, even at restaurant, coming forward and mind me about this. I guess feeding our child with food prepared at home is almost necessary and most shop owner DOES understand.

We were upset by one coffee shop owner yesterday. This coffee shop is located at Toa Payoh Central opposite Bata Shoes shop.

She STOMPED forward us and TOLD us off in a LOUD voice. Almost everyone around us could hear our conversion. She DISALLOWED me to feed Yvette home cooked food. Even I had explained to her we were having our meal here. She still INSISTED I can’t feed my child.


I swear by we will never patronize this coffee shop again unless it change owner!

P/S: If you are parent who need to settle your meal and your child meal in a coffee shop, I suggest you keep away from this coffee shop to avoid unnecessary embarrassment create by this owner.


4 thoughts on “Odds and Ends of Our Everyday Life – 19th Seot 2009

  1. Such an unreasonable coffeeshop. I usually bring biscuits for mine to eat while I feed him in between with food from my plate. Or else he gets too impatient and starts climbing out and all. I wonder if those biscuits would also be considered “outside food”. LOL.

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