Yvette is 1 Year 4 Months (16 mths) Exactly


Physically (Movement)

She weights 8.8 kg, 76 cm tall & measure 44.5 cm for her head circumstance. Although she is rather small in her size as compared to her peers, I feel she is health. She is very active, loves to smile and play a lot. Nowadays she is eating a lot too. Of course I do hope she could put on some weight. Sometimes, weight and size does hinder development.

Nonetheless, I plotted this little summary for her physical developments:

Months Her Development
8 mth Yvette was crawling
9 mth Yvette was able to pull herself from lying position to sitting position
10 mth Yvette started to cruise
11 mth Yvette started to pull herself up by support (including squatting)
12 mth Yvette started to pull herself up using flat surface
13 mth Yvette was able to climb up stairs, anywhere within her reach
14 mth Yvette was able to climb up & down the family bed
14 mth Yvette took some unaided steps
15 mth Yvette was able to climb up & down furniture, tables within her height.
15 mth Yvette was able to pull herself up without support.
15 mth Yvette was able to climb up and down the stairs using the railing as support independently.

She has the capacity to walk. But her balancing is still not good. Like the drunk, she shuffles around, pivots and falls over. Sometimes she just stands still to balance in her middle of her walk. She attempted to run too. *Sweat*

Girl, one step at a time ok!

Her little hands are powerful. Beside using her index finger to point things she wants, waving goodbye and clapping her hands, she could use her little hands to do the following (Some are not new developments. It just gotten more consistent last month.):

  • Waving Hi
  • Using hand sign to ask you to come over
  • Make flying kiss
  • Make the twinkle twinkle star hand sign
  • Roll hands over each other (Wheel on the Bus)
  • Put arms together in front of her, use her index finger and say ‘swish’ like windshield wipers (Wheels on the bus.)
  • Put her hand on her nose, and press again it and say Beep Beep Beep (like horn)
  • Put pointer finger to mouth to ‘shhh’
  • Pull her ear (Got to learn from this rhymes, If you happy and you know it)

Beside her hand communication development, she could bend down to pick up heavier thing now. She can hold a crayon in a fist. We are also teaching her to remove her shoes when we were backed home from outing.

Music is beat to her. She loves to shake her body as well as her hand when music is on. In short she is attempting to dance. She can nod her head and stamp her feet too.

## If You Happy and You Know & Wheel on the Bus are a good rhymes to teach your child for hands and legs action.

Refer to this site for songs with action. ##

Behaviour (Mentally)

She starts to take initiative to play with us last month. She will use her hand to cover her face and play Beek-A-Boo with us. She will throw the ball to us out of the sudden.

She has learnt and understood when I said “give it to mum”. And most of the times she will willingly pass me that things (she took them without me notices) which are not supposed to be meant for her to have it.

She had definitely made improvement over the shape sorter. She could sort in most of the shapes all by herself now.

She had learnt how to plant her kiss on us.

She could hold a phone (home phone and hand phone) and said hello.

She could empty the whole bag, container of stuffs and put them back to origin.

Strangely, she will utter woof whenever she saw cat. Even at Zoo, she also will woof when I pointed Zebra and Deer to her. SO to her, 4 legging animal is DOG?

Due to teething, she was very cranky for the past month. And the sweetest behaviour development in last month was; she had learnt how to plant us her kiss by surprise.

Potty Training

She was unwell and having fever for consecutively three days, thus I put back her diaper during this period of time for about one week.

I put back her training pants thereafter, I realised she could hold longer but the communication skill was like “gone”. She could hold her urine for 3.5 hours during her nap and she managed to hold her urine throughout the night for 2 nights for last month.

She still doesn’t like to use potty. I am still carrying her to pee into the sink and poop into the bowl. We are in the position of her back was facing my chest.

Now I got to rework the communication skill with her again.

Vocal development

She could combine words and gestures to make her needs known.

She is more consistent over the words we taught her last month. She had pick up several new terms like JieJie, MeiMei, NaiNai, etc. She started to pronounce some words we taught her previously, such as banana, apple, etc

She really talks a lot now. But most of the time, we don’t understand her baby talk at all.


Correction, she got 16 teeth now instead of 20. She still drools a lot and keeps putting hands into her mouth.

Brushing her teeth is difficult. She doesn’t like it at all. Usually I will let her have the tooth brush and I have another tooth brush on hand. And still, it’s hard to brush her. I have to restore to use the rubber brush with her in this coming month. I am very worry I need to deal with decay teeth when she is older due to lack of oral care.


We have given away the exiting high chair and brought the classic IKEA high chair last month to encourage meal time together.

It’s indeed messy.

She has learnt how to eat noodles too.

Her breakfast is half a slice of whole meal bread (which I will normally give it to her and let her eat by herself) and a bowl of oat.

Her lunch will be either porridge, fried rice, or any one dish meal. I will cook two dishes to eat with her when she does not need to attend class.

Her dinner will be a full course meal we eat daily, one veg, one meat & with soup.

I still categories Yvette as fussy eater. Actually she does eat everything I give her. But she is very particular on how the food is presented to her.

Eg. She eats egg but she doesn’t eat hard-boiled egg and fried egg.

Emotions (Tantrum)

She smiles and laughs a lot and start to scream from times to times.

Her tantrum engine had started. No way to turn around. Discipline Yvette is a biggest challenge to me now.


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