A Treat @ 谭鱼头

谭鱼头 (A Szechuan cuisine)
177 River Valley Road Liang Court # 01-25/25A Tel: 6836 6839

I tried this in Wuxi, China. I tried again in Hong Kong. And it was like more than 5 years back and I think I still love it very much.

I never expect to find this in Singapore, yet I found it by chance.

I love the soup base, the spicy fish head in hotpot and most importantly the special dip sauce of their very own.

My niece was the one paying for today meal as we were there for her birthday. (The actual birthday is this coming Thursday.) And usually in the month of September, our family will be having numerous of feast due to birthday.

We didn’t try the fish head this round. We only tried their hotpot. I would say the soup was still as nice but the dip was not that fantastic any more.

The hotpot and the 6 bowls of dip sauce

The hotpot and the 6 bowls of dip sauce

The desserts

The desserts

During dinner, Yvette was extremely naughty. She broke a bowl due to my negligent. (I thought that was made of plastic.) She nearly had a bad fall from the chair. Luckily I caught hold of her pant in time and she was smart enough to place her hand on the floor to prevent her fall.

The bill came out to be S$190++ which I find it was too expensive to eat hotpot at this price although the food was very fresh. I remembered I only paid less than 100 SGD in China for 10 persons. Different standard of living has indeed brought up the cost higher.


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