Yvette’s First Trip to the Zoo

I have been thinking when to bring Yvette to the Zoo. As personally I don’t really like to go Zoo, I also find this place is “dangerous”. No bad experience but I am a bit scare of these “well-kept” animals. And today, I decided to go since it always on mind and my niece got 50% free on admission deal and asked me along.

Both my niece and her boyfriend were off today. They came to my house in the morning. They waited for me to finish the errands before we embarked our journey to Zoo.

Yvette woke up very early in the morning today, around 7.30 am. Surprisingly her mood was superior. She even allowed me to read the Chinese book which I borrowed from the library. Pointing each word to her slowly when I was reading them.

We left home around 12.45 noon. And she almost dozed off in the car. Actually I was hoping her to rest as she woke up too early this morning. But she opened her eye when we reached.

Yvette was sleeping on the car when we was about to reach

Yvette almost dozed off in the car when we was about to reach

She got active when we were walking toward Zoo.

It was a long walk in the Zoo. (Since when Zoo becomes so BIG!)

I realized she was excited when she could stand near the tank to view those animals in it. She has feeling for snake too. -.-!

Yvette loves watching those animals inside the tanks

Yvette loves watching those animals inside the tanks

Yvette sooo close to the snake!

Yvette sooo close to the snake!

But she was totally nonchalant toward those animals on the land. We thought she will only woof when we pointed a cat to her or uttered meow. She also woof when I pointed a deer and zebra to her. My Dear Yvette, only Dog woof! 😡

We took a break after walking for about an hour in a pavilion. My niece boyfriend cook fried rice for us. And this fried rice was cooked using Yvette as benchmark. Less salt and with a lot of bean curd. Both of them really thoughtful.


The fried rice

The fried rice

After feeding our stomach, Yvette got energetic again. She wanted to walk! (She still prefers to be carried by me most of the time.)

Yvette walk

But when we were about to reach the Rainforest Kidzworld, highlight of her day, she dozed off!


We rested again in KFC. We also tour around this area too. There was a kampung house & petting corner. We spot “Xiao Qiang” on the wall!!!

Cockroach on the wall!

Cockroach on the wall!

Sadly she only napped for an hour and she became very cranky thereon. She wasn’t in the mood anymore. I beg she must be lack of rest.

Before we left the Zoo, my niece’s boyfriend asked us to feed the giraffe. I laughed all the way while my niece was feeding them. Her expression was really funny! She was blaming me for not feeding but it will not be “easy” for me as I told her I was carrying Yvette. (Actually I dare not too.)

It was a tiring trip for three of us. As I have not been to the Zoo for years, I felt like a tourist when I was touring around the Zoo. Hope we will be back with Papa soon!


6 thoughts on “Yvette’s First Trip to the Zoo

  1. haha – that’s why I’d never attempt to do the “full works” in the zoo. I plan to go only a few exhibits each time and I plan my route. Oh well, I do know the zoo layout quite well.

  2. Dora,

    Thanks leaving me your very first comment and thanks for your compliment.


    Yes for the next trip, I think I will only want to visit the Kidzworld.


    Due to some unexplained fear within us (hubby and myself), zoo is not a must for now. Hehe…

  3. actually i take the zoo in parts. The kidzworld is 1 part. In my mind, the zoo have at least 5 or 6 parts.

    I used to bring my kids reaching the zoo around 4+pm, just to watch the chimpanzee feeding. Then go on to see the racoons. All these animals would have woken by 4pm and very active then. And then see the sealion feeding(have a little bit of show at 5+pm) and then go home. Very exciting for them already. *haha*.

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