Our Library Trip (14)

We brought back our weekly trip to the library to today afternoon, after Yvette’s nap mainly due to we had too many errands to run yesterday.

It was unexceptionally noise today. And this was the first time there was an announcement made by the library reminding parents and children to keep the noise level low. We spent a little more time longer today.

Hubby helped me to take care of Yvette while I was browsing the books this round. This week, we have a term break; I decided to start some reading together with Yvette. (In the past, we were doing reading aloud.)

As no preparation was done before hand, it took me awhile to find books that I like in Chinese for Yvette. (I brought a number of English books for the past one week online; so there wasn’t any need to find book in English to read aloud at home with her.)

Finally I found this book; 托托的朋友来做客 by Newton Publications Pte Ltd in Singapore. I like this book particularly the words are big enough to point to Yvette when I read together with her. The words used are simple too. Such as 爸爸,妈妈,家, 朋友,谢谢,etc. Where these are the word that Yvette needs to know now as per those DVD, flashcards programme. (I don’t like to use TV for Teaching. As for Flashcard, I use it randomly only.)



Let’s hope I can make reading together with Yvette interesting.


P/S: Today Yvette planted a kiss on her papa’s face by surprise. Papa still couldn’t get over this surprise as of now.


5 thoughts on “Our Library Trip (14)

  1. I do both. Reading from actual books teaches the actual form of the language, other than vocabulary itself. The books I have are simpler still. *haha*. I’ll take photo.

  2. Wenn,

    I agree with you.


    Pls take photo to show me again.

    P/S: We heading Zoo tomorrow. And the book you made and shared with me will be meaningful to Yvette soon!!!


  3. Hi, I uploaded photos of the books I have with big simple words & simple storyline. This set is S$3.32 each from Popular:

    Sample pages from this set of books:

    I also bought this other set from Popular. It’s called the Red Train Readers. There’s English & Chinese books. I have selected a few that I like from each. I think they are S$3.10 each.

    The font size of the Chinese words are a little small for my liking, and I was thinking to print them out again on strips of paper and pasting them over. But need to get my new printer first. And new computer. *HAHA*

  4. Wah Sam,

    Really thanks for sharing. I will go Popular and get all these books for Yvette!

    P/S: The story book I borrow indeed too long to read together with Yvette. I only manage to do it once, that is today.

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