80 cents

As a SAHM, the one of the only way to shop in peace is to shop online. I am a regular shopper joining spree/selling thread organized by Mummies using Singapore Motherhood Forum. (It’s much cheaper and normally will get good deal too.)

Recently, I am actively sourcing books for Yvette in the internet. It has given me a chance to read up lot of home schooling too. (I will pen my thought over homeschooling, perhaps later.)

I am sourcing books for Yvette mainly due to she is getting out of control to our regular library trip and year end is coming. I will be expecting rain and pouring. Weather will be bad. Staying at home most of the time is inevitable. Thus, I need some books to read to her if we are at home all day.

I was confirming my interest of wanting to buy the book. But when the seller replied, she was asking me to pay her S$35.80 but in her thread, she indicated she was selling away the books for $35.

A discrepancy of 80 cents!

I replied her mail and asking her why I need to top up 80 cents and in the same time express my intention  on whether to buy to my hubby. If she is not going to honor the price she quoted in the thread. I will call off this deal.

My hubby said, “wow! 80 cents you also want to bargain.”

I replied yes. Even a 10 cents difference, I might not pay too.

Being in accounting field for 11 years, consistency and accuracy had definitely built into  my character. It is not being calculative. (Many people will not disagree Accountant is calculative.)

In day to day accounting operation, we can’t write off ONE cent if we can’t reconcile our bank recon, the sub ledger recon, making payment, etc. In day to day life, I am sure you will not shortchange your child by 5 cents pocket money, right?

So 80 cents to me is a matter of principal not materiality!

P/S: The seller agrees to sell me at S$35. And I collected the book today.


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