Term 3: Twenty Lesson with JGC

It’s finally the end of the term. And today is Party Time.

Yvette was having extremely good mood today. Daddy was on leave to attend the party too. (One plus point about JGC is, they usually are not too strict over how many caregivers are in the class with the child. As long as you don’t do it often, the teachers will not stop you having two caregivers with the child in class.)

Everything was so smooth in the morning and we left home with my contribution, Yogurt.

The classroom was decorated with ribbons and drawing. (I realized I didn’t take any picture of the class room.) The atmosphere was good. In fact, the whole JGC was having party.

Yvette playing with activity table (Good Mood)

Yvette playing with activity table (Good Mood)

We were supposed to dress in “vehicle costume”. And one of the parents of this little girl made a costume for her baby using the float. So CUTE!

The float costume! So cute!

The float costume! So cute!

Free play was shorter and the lesson was as usual. Music and movement, story-telling and activity time.

Today the activity was sticking stickers on to the paper. And Yvette loves star!

Doing activity for the last time in term 3

Doing activity for the last time in Term 3

The last piece of art work in Term 3

The last piece of art work in Term 3

Our snack time and the outdoor activity were combined as one. They were making use of this slot for party.

This is one of the best parties I ever attend.

In many birthday parties of our little one I have attended, I might not know everyone around. But this party, I know every mums, teachers, and the babies around. I enjoy this get-together very much. Haha, and yes, I won’t need to help to clean up at the end of the party!!!

The food

The food

The food (Plenty of them)

The food (Plenty of them)

Yvette eating food and fruit

Yvette eating food and fruit

Before we end the class, we have the last round of music and movement. Right after it, there was an award ceremony. They were giving our babies, a graduation certificate. That’s COOL!!! (But they missed out giving one baby. We joked she won’t be having one week break and will be coming to class next week.) (Of course, the teacher will have to give that certificate to this baby at the end of the class.)

Yvette's Graduation Certificate!

Yvette's Graduation Certificate!

And last but not least, we have a group photo taking session at end of it. I am sure I will miss those mummies and babies that will not be doing next term with JGC.


9 thoughts on “Term 3: Twenty Lesson with JGC

  1. Hi,

    Came across your blog when trying to find some info about JG. Your regular outings with your daughter has fill me with both curiosity and admiration. Curious about how you manage to bring your daughter out alone, lug a stroller (I presume) and take a bus. I have never tried taking a bus alone with my boy, who incidentally is about the same age as Yvette, slightly younger. Admire your strength and energy in bringing your daughter out often. 🙂

  2. Wenn,



    Thanks for dropping by. Thanks for encouragement too.

    Oh, I am not as great as you stated in your comment. Usually I give the stoller a miss. IF I really need a stroller, Yvette will be in the carrier and I will be using the lightest stroller we have at home. (Around 2.2kg)

    Taking a bus without stroller is not as hard as you can expect. It’s only tough when you have to carry her when bus is so crowded. But thereon, I met a lot of kind hearted people in the bus who is most willing to give me their seat.

    As for having plenty of outing trips with Yvette, thanks that you could view it in another perpective.

    Yes, it has become an addiction for me, to go out with her after her class from time to time. And with this reason, I am signing her on the next term. This has actually added another deeper bonding with her when we were out together alone.

  3. Thanks for replying.

    But isn’t it be quite difficult with a diaper bag and maybe a container of food for her meals? Since my boy started on solids, travelling around has been a bit of a challenge with his food container, diaper bag and my handbag. In addition, he would hardly sit still if he’s not strapped up in a car seat. So I can imagine him standing on seats, wanting to get unto the floor to crawl around in a bus. Nightmare…

  4. Yes Elaine you are right.

    As I still never let my child go diaperless when we are out. I am doing part time EC-ing with disposable when we were out. It is a challenge.

    And with a diaper bag, with her food, some diapers, biscuit, water bottle and sometimes I brought along my carrier. It’s indeed a lot of things to carry including carrying Yvette. (She still doesn’t walk well. She need to be carried most of the time.) Sometimes worse, she will want to walk, then carry then walk. Alamak, very very tiring.

    My energy level did really run LOW. But after having many many trips with Yvette, I am more or less very “experience” of going her out alone. Sometimes I go crazy and buy too much stuffs and I have to lug everythings back home myself. (My hubby and niece always remind me not to do so.)

    Luckily Yvette only stand on the bus seat but never wants to crawl in the bus. But one bad habit of her is, sometimes she will pull my top, wanting to drink milk. It’s really embrassing. Yes, babies at this age will hardly want to sit still and it is totally normal.

    Elaine, do give it a try. I am sure after having many trips with your son, you will like the feeling of going out alone with him. (This is what I am experiencing now. :D)


    I cant go back to sling. And I am lousy sling user. If I have second baby, you must teach me ok! DEAL!!!

  5. no problem to teach.

    Anyway, after a while, I gave up and just used my handbag. I’m more used to where everything is. 1 diaper/wipes/biscuits go in it. 😉

  6. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂 I think I can manage with a small bag, with fewer items. But u know what… for 14 months, haha… my boy has never quite settled in either a sling or a carrier. Ya, I REALLY SHOULD have trained him… but I didn’t. So every time I carry him in my arms, he’ll be worming here and there, trying to press every button he sees and can’t wait to hit the ground. Haha…

    So… let me work out a good plan and maybe I’ll start small, by taking a bus to the nearby shopping mall one of these days. 🙂

  7. Sam,

    I am looking for a nice bag now to dump everything in (including stuff inside my handbag.)


    Yes try short trip first.

    One of a few good timing to go will be after his breakfast, after his nap and after his dinner.

    If you do drop by again, do let me know how you cope and manage your trip.

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