The Celebration Continues

We didn’t head home after class. As we had taken some snacks from the party, we felt it is definitely too early for lunch for now. We headed ION to check out Three Sixty Market Place. (I was wrong that ION didn’t have a supermarket. It is located at Level 4.)

IF you like the supermarket in Tanglin Mall, Paragon, you will definitely need to check this out. They offer premium food range and selling exotic fruits. There were pots of herbal plants on sale. I like this idea. I wanted to buy some back as some of our plant is dying but we were not heading home soon, thus will need to give it a miss.

Hubby 39th Birthday

I fed Yvette lunch at the open area outside of the supermarket where there were some benches. And Yvette was having fun in the open space.

Hubby 39th Birthday2

We went to Vivo after her lunch wanting to let Yvette to have water play. But shortly we reached Vivo, she fell asleep. (It was supposed to be her nap time although she was late. She nap at 3.00 pm)

Yvette napping

Yvette napping

We went up to Toast Box in the food court at level 3 to have coffee and toast. The first sentence uttered by my hubby was:

“So nice, Yvette was sleeping. I felt like it’s only two of us”

Haha I laughed. I couldn’t agree more.

Yes, this is the moment of couple time we have after Yvette had arrived in the family.

We found one push cart selling 4D and Toto. (Right beside Toast Box) And this the one and only push cart by Singapore Pools. WOOT! No wonder there were more and more people investing their money in lottery. As today was a special occasion, I asked Hubby to buy some.

We went Daiso thereafter. We found something interesting. (See picture.)

Banana Case

Banana Case

Yvette woke up when we were still in Daiso. She was so excited as predicted. This round, we didn’t quickly check out our purchase, we spent some time in the store while she browsed the items within her reach with our close supervision.

It was too late for water play. We left Vivo and proceeded to Jumbo at Riverwalk for dinner. It seems we never have enough crab for this year. I think this is the 4th treat of the year. (I guess mainly due to Hubby is a member with Jumbo. We have good discount if we dine there.)

Dishes we ordered

Dishes we ordered

Not forgetting our crab

Not forgetting our crab

It’s never easy to have a good meal with Yvette around. She gets bored easily. We have to take turn to entertain her in the restaurant. We spent around 2 hours there.

We then headed home.

And what was the special occasion? (See picture.)

It is hubby's 39th Birthday

It is hubby's 39th Birthday

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to Daddy

Happy Birthday to you


Daddy, I will always love you.

Your darling, Yvette.

Happy Birthday to you HUBBY.


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