Term 3: Nineteen Lesson with JGC

After missing two classes in the row, Yvette was back to the class today with a warm welcome by the teachers and the mummies.

Yvette slept late yesterday. So this morning she was awakened up by me at 10.10 am. We were still late despite I have prepared all the necessary before waking up her. Nonetheless, we never miss much, just the free play.

Yvette was rather clingy to me. It was understandable.

No more messy activity as the term was coming to an end. Today activity was targeting at their motor skill. The babies were given a box. The teacher placed pebbles on the floor. The babies were supposed to pick up the pebbles on the floor and pull the box to another end and put those pebbles into a bigger box.

It looks very simple to us but it involved plenty of coordination from the babies.

Teacher Winnie finally passed me all the art work done by Yvette. (This is something I have been waiting for.)

Art Work - Front

Art Work - Front

Art Work - Back

Art Work - Back

Wow! It’s a nice work done by the teacher.

It was raining heavily after class. I took a cab back home instead of feeding Yvette out.


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