The Repair Cost for Our Sony T30

We went down to Funan IT Mall and Peninsula Plaza to check the repair cost of this camera. Unfortunately the repair cost quoted by the camera shop and Sony was about S$200 to S$400.


I can use the money to buy a new camera!

One of the reasons of wanting to repair this camera mainly because we paid around S$700 plus to buy it (3 to 4 years back). It was one of the best cameras in town. I couldn’t imagine the technology of camera has advanced so fast. We paid S$200 plus for a 1GB memory card and now only need less than S$50 to get a 4GB memory card. WOOT!!!

We left with only one choice that is to get a new camera. Since Comex Show is next starting next Thursday to Sunday (10 – 13 Sept), we decided to get one camera from there. Both of us are supporter of Sony, so we will be getting DSC-T900. Is there any other suggestion? In the meantime, I will be using the only working camera we have. I hope I will not invite any stare when I am using it.

Our Sony cameras

Our Sony cameras

As for this camera, Jay, I am sorry to take your comment lightly when I first read it. I am using your method (to repair the camera) right now. Hope it will bring the life of this camera back!

Tip given by Jaywalk

Tip given by Jaywalk

BTW Jay, does the rice need to cover the camera?


3 thoughts on “The Repair Cost for Our Sony T30

  1. No. Uncooked rice grains are very good at absorbing moisture which is why you see rice grains in the salt shakers at the restaurants.

    Water itself does not damage to electronics.

    It is only when it comes into contact with water when the device is running that there is a risk of water short circuiting the board and burning something.

    The other risk of damage is corrosion due to contact with water although the latter is rare.

    Give it a try. I have repaired 1 hp and several kid’s toy via this method already.

    Even if it doesn’t work, you got nothing to lose.

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